WaterDog Pet Drinking Fountain from Grommet
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  • I think any dog owner should have this in their backyard, patio, wherever their dogs stay
  • However that proved to not be a problem whatsoever
  • I know my dogs are getting enough water and staying cool in the heat because I rarely see them panting when they come outside, nor do they go directly to the water bowl kept in the kitchen anymore right after being brought in

    • by WholexHearted


      When I saw this WaterDog Pet Drinking Fountain, I hadn’t even realized that I should have been in the market for this type of item and couldn’t imagine how I ever did without this. I think any dog owner should have this in their backyard, patio, wherever their dogs stay.

      I live in a townhouse, which doesn’t have it’s ‘own’ yard, but there is a downstairs patio that is decent in size and has a hose faucet to use. Because the patio is a closed structure, on the daily, I let the dogs out to get some fresh air and be able to lay out in the sun - It’s extra time they get outside besides their twice, something even three times a day, walks. Now, usually when I let them out; I will wash, clean and set out a bowl of cold, fresh water for them (Two bowls since I have four dogs) and on extra hot days, toss in a few ice cubes. I’ll then refill that every few hours or so depending on how long that they’re out there, however when I do get busy, I’ll tend to forget and that’s no good.

      At first, I was a little skeptical, as I think many people would be, about whether or not their dog would actually stay hydrated with this product since it’s contingent on the dog actually remembering that

      they can get water from this, and not wondering where their water bowl is that just suddenly seemed to disappear and to never return again. The first day trying this out, I didn’t sit a water bowl out at all with the thought that if they seen that, that would be their first go to and they wouldn’t give this a second look. I was also a little concerned that this would only work with the two larger dogs and not the two smaller ones since I figured it would be harder for this to detect them near. However that proved to not be a problem whatsoever. This was able to detect my smallest dog of the four, which is a small terrier just as easily as it did with my large German Shepard.

      After spending a few minutes directing each of the dogs over to the drinking fountain (Which was incredibly easy to install and took less than 5 minutes to attach to the hose outlet. and since I, nor any of my roommates have any use for an actual hose, we never have to remove this to use a hose so this stays on for the dogs continued use.) and setting off the sensor to show them that water comes out, I sat down a few feet away and occasionally watched them as I read a book. Slowly, but surely,

      each of them ended up making their way to this drinking fountain at different times when they got thirsty and managed to get a drink; The more each of them did it, the more they seemed to get the hang of it and since they were able to watch the others, the learned quickly where there new destination was to getting something to drink and soon enough it looked as if they had been getting water from this drinking fountain out of habit for the longest time and not as if it was a ‘new’ trick they had just learned that day. I was extremely impressed.

      And I haven’t even thought of this ’til after my smallest dog did this; But besides being a great way to keep your dogs hydrated with a cool drink of water, it’s also great to cool your dog off in general; After getting a drink of water, my smallest dog stuck her head under it and let the water pour on her, which she seemed to enjoy and then walked away and laid down. What water bowl is going to do that? Now the water only stays on for a few seconds at a time, however if the dog stays close because they want more water, it immediately turns back on without the dog having to walk away and come back again. All four of my ...

      • WaterDog Pet Drinking Fountain from Grommet
      dogs, which varies in age from a puppy to one of older age, took rather quickly too this and there was no need to set a water bowl outside again.

      I know my dogs are getting enough water and staying cool in the heat because I rarely see them panting when they come outside, nor do they go directly to the water bowl kept in the kitchen anymore right after being brought in. And what makes this better than just a bowl of water, is that in the heat, the water gets hot quickly and dirty from the air and dust; With this drinking fountain, the water stays cool so your animals always have access to a cold drink of clean water. And since this is on a patio, the excess water drops on the concrete, which eventually dries and there’s no mess to clean up. To bowls to pick up, no more worrying about forgetting to check on your dogs, this takes care of all of that.

      If your dogs spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, especially in hot weather, or even if they do just occasional; I think this is a must have item for any dog owner to have so that their pet stays properly hydrated and has an endless supply of water to suit their needs. I think this product is exceptionally great for pet owners that keep

      their dogs outside all day and may not be able to continuously check to see if they have cool water because of having to work, tending to forget, etc - This just eliminates a daily task and makes things easier for everyone. Without this, and your dog runs out of water, they’ll have to suffer in the heat while waiting for you to get home or remember to check on them - With this, you don’t even have to think about this because it’s already taken care of.

      This is battery operated, however the instructions that come included state the battery will last up to a year and after that is easily replaceable. This WaterDog Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain can be purchased online at TheGrommet.com for only $60, and although the price may seem a little steep - It’s well worth it. You can’t put a price on making sure your dog stays hydrated and allowing them to have easy access to cool water, especially in the summer hot months.

      Note; If you have cats and they don’t like water? They’ll learn to stay away from this as mine have. It may have been entertaining to see one of my cats walk under this then jump several feet in the air from shock at suddenly being doused with water, but I’m sure my cat wasn’t too amused about that. He sure didn’t look amused.

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