Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix: Butter Pecan

    • by nitakb


      I’ve always liked baking for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I bake from scratch from family recipes, and other days I have to take a short cut, when I am short on time. I like to turn to the Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mixes. Not only because they offer wonderful, mouthwatering flavors but they are easy and straight forward and can be used in a different number of ways. During this time around, I decided to use Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix: Butter Pecan . Now personally I’ve always passed this cake flavor by each time I’m in the baking section. I’ve been skeptical about it simply because I have never really heard of a Butter Pecan cake. I’ve heard of a Butter Pecan pie and even the ice cream from blue bell, but not exactly a cake. But like always, I am a open minded person when it comes down to trying new things. So to say I geared up, and readied my taste buds to try

      this cake mix.

      Usually when I get cake mixes, I get frosting to match like on the box. So with this one I bought a container of cream cheese frosting. And to better add to the effect of this cake, I also gathered ingredients to make a topping to go with this cake and to spice it. Which consisted of dark brown sugar, raw whole pecans, and ground cinnamon. The ingredients needed for this cake is one cup of water, a half cup of vegetable oil and three eggs. Now my only issue with this cake mix is that they don’t really specify what size eggs to use. Judging from the picture on the back of the box, I would say to use medium eggs, but’s that not for certain. So I just used large eggs that I already had and hoped for the best.

      What I enjoyed about this cake mix is the simplicity of the instructions. There are three different sections that are broken down. Since I used

      two round eight inch metal pans, I preheated my oven to three hundred and fifty degrees, and then once it heated, I turned down the oven to about three hundred and twenty-five. I’m not recommending that everyone do this when trying this cake mix, since everyone’s oven is entirely different. I made sure to spray on my favorite Baking Spray to keep the cake from sticking.

      The next step is to beat the cake mix. Add the one cup of water, the half cup of oil and the three eggs in a large bowl. In this step, I slightly mixed the ingredients with a mixing spoon, then as the box instructed I mixed with a mixer on low speed for thirty seconds and then on medium speed for two minutes. Once the batter was fully blended and smooth with no lumps and clumps, I poured it into my two cake pans and slid them in the oven to bake for about thirty minutes. After that I let the cake layers cool for fifteen ...

      • Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix: Butter Pecan

      After that I ground the whole pecans with a food chopper and blended them together with the dark brown sugar and cinnamon. From there I frosted the first cake layer on the top and on the sides, before adding on some of my topping. Gently I added the second layer and frosted the sides, taking care to cover the sides entirely before covering it with topping.

      My impression of this cake is that it tastes better than I initially expected it to. There’s this faint buttery flavor that’s surrounded by a faint sweetness. I can’t say it tastes like butter pecan pie or butter pecan ice cream or anything like that. The cake was super moist, and not in the least bit dry, which made eating it all the more enjoyable. With the added flavor of the cream cheese frosting and crunch of my own topping, this cake was decently good. Although I wished I added a little sugar and maybe vanilla extract since it kind of tasted like I was eating

      a sweetened piece of bread. Other than that there is nothing I would change about this cake mix.

      Without the added frosting and topping, one serving which is 1/10 of a package, is two hundred and eighty calories with one hundred and twenty calories being fat. Three hundred and two milligrams of sodium with twenty milligrams of potassium. There’s thirty six grams of carbs with nineteen grams of sugar. For one piece of cake this alright and expected. I wasn’t surprised or expecting anything different, after all it is cake. There is enough cake mix to serve ten people.

      In the end I enjoyed trying this cake mix. There’s nothing that I would change about it really, nothing that I can’t do myself. I feel like I will buy this in the future. For only a $1.89 for the cake mix and $1.09 for a container of cream cheese frosting, I feel like I got my money’s worth. I enjoyed this cake and so did my family members.

      I would recommend this cake mix to my friends.

Amanda says :

re : I like to turn to the Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mixes

I agree, I always have a couple cake mixes and icing in my cupboard for back up for any occasion They are easy and they always turn out just the way you want them. No matter what you are making with them There are so many fun things you can do with the cake mixes, you can easily look like a pro
Joanna says :

That is so true Amanda, these cake mixes are excellent. The butter pecan is one of my favorites. I too keep a box or two in the cabinet for a special occasion. They are so easy to make, and I almost never have any problems with them.
Maya says :

re : Now my only issue with this cake mix is that they don’t really specify what size eggs to use
I do not think it matters what size eggs you use. I use whatever eggs I have inside of my fridge.
Rachel says :

I think usually they require large Grade A eggs, but it’s kind of hard to tell since they don’t specify which kind. I always use large eggs and the cakes always come out tasting amazing.
Angela Jimenez says :

I love betty crocker cakes, and have not tried the butter pecan, will have to look into this flavor.
Trayon Thomas says :

I’m no chef in my Kitchen but I do cook from time to time. I usually prefer eating cakes and sweets that are a tasty treat. Betty Crocker to me has the best cake mix products in the world hands down there is no contest. I recently tried the cake mix Butter Pecan and was blown away by the taste. The cake was moist and the taste would leave you speechless. I would refer anyone to Betty Crocker Products especially the Butter Pecan, which is simply fantastic.
Patricia Hollins says :

re : I like to turn to the Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mixes
The blog is very good , and fun to read. I also love to bake cakes from the boxes, and stretch as my mother, and I had done some years ago. Betty Crocker is the best cake mix with the variety of flavored, and the delicious costing such as creamy vanilla. The frosting go good with vanilla, and chocolate cup cakes.
quick note by anonymous :

I use silicon paper for all batter things - makes clean-up and finishing (separating) easy. Also substituting a shot of dark rum for water in the mix alcohol burns off in the oven -flavour remains
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