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  • I was on a YouTube video by TheBowtieLion called Jaron YOLO, as he said he was trolling me and let me just say one thing

    • by Jaron Higgins

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      My first review! Thanks for reading Review #1 of What’s the Deal With…?

      Okay, so welcome to What’s the deal with where I complain about stuff that annoys me to death. Let’s go!

      What’s the deal with greifing in Minecraft? There are types of grief: Building grief, which is destroying a world, and Looting, which is killing another
      player to grab the stuff they have dropped.

      Griefers just go around breaking blocks placing lava just to corrupt a world. Teams, YouTube videos on it, what are griefers gonna do next? TNT Cannons send blocks of TNT flying just to bombard your world. You can really call griefers the “Terrorists of Minecraft” because they grief and steal, and it makes me ask, What’s the Deal? What is their goal? And it makes me angry.

      Looting, why do they loot? Kill-stealing, chest raids, invasions of your home? Get of your lazy behinds and get the stuff yourself! I mean, it’s Minecraft people! That’s the whole point of the game! Getting your own resources!

      Now on ...

      • What's the Deal With: Griefers in Minecraft
      to that pesky trolling. They just troll to laugh their butts off. I was on a YouTube video by TheBowtieLion called Jaron YOLO, as he said he was “trolling me” and let me just say one thing. You people drive me nuts. Go around servers and laugh your butts off by trolling.

      This is why these people get banned. And then they get a ban appeal and say “I’m sorry. I will not do it again :(” but guess what happens next. They do it again! So if you are a server owner and you banned a griefer, no matter how much they ask, DO NOT, revoke their ban, because, they are not trustworthy.

      -Jaron Higgins

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