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  • But that honestly from past experiences I know that this only half the battle
  • I began to experience some hot flashing, like random bouts of sweating
  • Another side effect that I noticed is the odd coloring of urine

    • by nitakb


      As young girl my mother kept me up on a daily routine that started in the early morning and ended at bed time. It’s something that to this very day I haven’t strayed much from. One of the things out of this daily routine is taking my vitamins. Usually it was a multivitamin that helped support my body and give me vitamins and minerals that I wasn’t getting from the everyday foods I would eat. The same applies for the present only this time I am more specific about it.

      I care for my body on the outside with beauty products that are formulated to help to take care of it. But that honestly from past experiences I know that this only half the battle. In reality eating plentiful foods and have the correct balance of nutrition with vitamins and minerals help keep the parts of the body like the skin, hair and nails beautiful. This why after doing some research with some added trial and error I came across the

      product Country life: Maxi-hair Dietary Supplement.

      I read both positive and negative reviews about this product before finally giving in and buying on amazon for twelve dollars. In the past I’ve had success with supplements meant specifically for the hair. I personally have fast growing hair and with the added boost of good food and vitamins, it grows like weeds. Many of the reviewers of this product claimed that it cleared their skin of some of the acne and their hair became stronger and more lustrous. At the time of purchasing this, I was looking to recover my hair from having more than one color job, use of heat appliances like the well-known flat iron. I had a hair cut to remove all of the dead severed ends before trying this supplement.

      There’s ninety tablets in the bottle, enough for forty-five days if you take them as directed. You’re instructed to take two tablets daily with food. For me this was in the morning with breakfast. The tablets are large, almost

      like horse tablets. So if you’re not big on swallowing pills that are large, like I am you have to break these in half in order to get them down. Like many supplements if chewed they are disgusting and will make you go into a fit of gagging. I made the mistake of doing this. Lesson learned.

      The vitamins and mineral that are in this supplement is, Vitamin, C, E. Thiamin, Riboflavin, niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid. Vitamin B12, Biotin, Calcoum, Panotohenic, calcium, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium and Copper. Everything that is in this vitamin is good for hair, skin and nails but can also double as a multivitamin. It contains a lot of the same properties that many other multivitamin supplements have.

      I began taking two caplets daily like instructed but eventually began taken them once every other day. I began to experience some hot flashing, like random bouts of sweating. This lasted for about three days. Another side effect that I noticed is the odd coloring of urine. A great sign to ...

      • Country Life: Maxi-hair Dietary Supplements
      tell that the supplement is in your blood stream is the neon yellow coloring of urine. For me this lasted for about a week and then it was back to normal.

      The results for me was small at first. My hair stopped shedding too much, and it was stronger and in terms a lot more coarser than normal. My fingernails and toenails brightened in color to a more healthier pink and chipped a lot less. About three weeks into taking the supplement I began to see some changes in my skin. The little redness and acne that I was experiencing on my cheeks under my eyes was fading. Then nearly a month in my hair began to take off and actually grow. To further speed along the process, I massaged my scalp for blood circulation to better receive the nutrition from the supplements. I will point out that it takes patience and knowing that no product works over night. For some it works sooner and for some it works later.


      gained four inches when using this product. My new growth was stronger, shiner and coarser. I can honestly say that the hair on my head wasn’t the only thing that grew. Other parts like my eyebrows grew thicker, and my leg hair. It was pretty awkward.

      I must warn that you have to keep the bottle lid screwed on tight and in a cool, dry place. If you don’t use them before the expiration date, the tablets will go bad and turn dark and have brown spot all over them. I ended throwing away the last week of dosages.

      After buying this and seeing the results I am happy to say that I will repurchase this in the future. Within the duration of taking this supplement, I achieved fantastic results. This supplement does what it’s supposed to without all the hassle. It’s awesome because it doubles as a multivitamin. So it’s like I got two deals in one. For only twelve dollars on amazon, that’s pretty awesome.

      I would recommend this to a friend.

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