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  • In order to avoid this, my mom tried a lot of different insect repellents that actually work and lasts for a long time
  • I recommend this product for parents who would want their kids to be safe and sickness free

    • by Avery

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      Growing up, I have always been allergic to mosquito bites. As far as I can remember, I’ve had the worst reactions to them. I would first find an itchy, red, burning rash on me which will develop into a weal after a few minutes. On all occasions, when I was little, the bump would swell into a disturbingly big size and would subside after 3/4 days. I’m

      lucky if there isn’t a bubble inside it after the 4th day but it usually ends with that. I put on ointments to lessen the effects but nevertheless, the allergic reactions still continue over the years.

      In order to avoid this, my mom tried a lot of different insect repellents that actually work and lasts for a long time. We stumbled upon this off lotion at a local drugstore and tried it. It works well and it does last for quite a few hours unless you wear it off by sweating or if you don’t allow the product to be absorbed onto skin completely and wear clothing as soon as you apply it. The product of course gets absorbed by your clothes instead of your skin. Putting just a little amount of the white lotion ...

      • OFF! Overtime Insect Repellent Lotion
      in your palm and spreading it goes a long way thus the 100ml bottle lasts you for quite some time. It also lasts for 8 hrs so its a staple to bring when camping or just going to generally insect infested areas. Its better to be safe than sorry when it comes to dengue or malaria or other sicknesses brought about by these insects. The price is
      pretty cheap. I got this for less than a hundred philippine pesos. Lastly when it comes to the scent, compared to the OFF insect repellent for kids, since this is for older ages, the scent is stronger and doesn’t smell tutti frutti. The scent though wears off a few minute after applying it.

      I recommend this product for parents who would want their kids to be safe and sickness free.

Andrei says :

Off overtime lotion lets you become more confident on doing some activities outdoor,since you knew that application of the said lotion helps us protects from insect bites. Most specially from a mosquito which has tendencies to suck a blood from an expose person that can cause several diseases like dengue, malaria etc. Using this product for more than 5 years made me protected to the said diseases. That’s why I decided to bought also an Off for kids lotion for my son, wherein he use to apply for more than 3 years now. Off made me and my family protected against treat of dengue carrying mosquitoes.
Rea R. says :

re : I recommend this product for parents who would want their kids to be safe and sickness free
My mom have been using this product for my nephews and niece and I must say its really effective and would diffenately try this insect repellent to my son as well
Galega says :

If your son is below two years of age, then you must consult a pediatrician before using this insect repellent on his body.
RiccaBookish says :

Why is it that every time I use Off I get red rashes? I’m quite fair and each application would result to rashes making me look like I’ve got hives. I wonder, it must be the DEET in it?
Bianca West says :

Personally I’ve had a similar problem in the past with a different brand. I tried just about everything that I could think of to stop the rashes from happening. Finally I went to see my doctor and the doctor said that it was a chemical reaction with the perfume I was also wearing. That something in the repellent that I was using was reacting badly with the body scent I used. That might be the problem. I would suggest taking the bottle that you have with you to a doctor, or going and seeing one when the rash appears.
RiccaBookish says :

That’s an interesting case. Although it’s not like me to wear scents at home, I’ll definitely take note that fragrances can have an antagonizing effect to repellents. I’m guessing it’s the constant reapplication that’s doing it, because the one I have needs to be periodically reapplied every 4 hours or so. But I’ve done this with other repellents and hardly got a reaction. So it is specific to that variant of OFF. Thanks for the tip, I’ll certainly ask for profressional advise on that head.
Jennifer Davis says :

Hi, it is very likely the DEET. DEET is known to cause allergic reactions, particularly in people with fair skin. Most commonly these allergic reactions resemble a red enflamed rash with raised pumps similar to blisters or hives. I would still consult a dermatologist just to be sure, but I think its pretty likely to be the DEET. I suggest switching to a DEET free variety like OFF Naturals to see if the problem goes away. Most likely it will vanish completely.
Venice Telen Morellano says :

Is this safe for pregnant woman?
Galega says :

In some cases, insect biting can be dangerous for the unborn baby. Hence, using insect repellent can be a good option.

However, you MUST consult a doctor before using it. The manufacturer isn’t clear about the effect, if any, of this product on the health of the pregnant woman and the unborn child.

Without consulting a doctor, don’t use it during pregnancy phase.
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