Kyoku For Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub

    • by ibizaspain

      I have occasional breakouts and this is the reason that I want to use facial scrub rather than facial wash. I am also a very active person–I play soccer and sometimes I am overexposed to the sun. That is why I want to exfoliate my skin every time I wash my face and the best product to aid me with exfoliating my skin is a facial scrub. I have tried various products but lately I have come across this

      Japanese brand. I was happy with the contents so I rushed and purchase one and tried it.

      The formula was great. It was not too sticky and just soft to the skin. When I tried a pea-size amount on my palm and massaged it gently to my face, it provided a soft feeling to my skin. I do not like facial scrubs when they are too sticky to spread. It makes cleaning difficult. It is important to rub and massage your face as you clean it so a soft formula is needed. I also like the size of the beads. I always make sure this is not huge enough or harsh enough when it does the scrubbing in my face. I find it soft and small but still capable of exfoliating your face.

      What impressed me most are the ingredients. I like facial scrubs with natural plant extracts and those fortified with vitamins for the skin.

      First, I was ...

      • Kyoku For Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub
      happy with the volcanic ash contents in the scrub. It claims to remove oil and dirt. It also has Japanese adzuki bean powder to remove dead skin cells. I like the feeling after using this because if I rub my face, I could not feel any dirt and my face feels so smooth. When I use cotton balls to clean my face, it rarely picks up dirt because this facial scrub can do thorough cleaning.

      This product also has

      rice bran which is traditionally used by Japanese to make skin smooth. It really moisturized my skin right after washing. I never felt dryness in my skin right after rinsing it and it lightens my complexion. This facial scrub also has Vitamins A and E which are known antioxidants and good for the skin.

      This product has all the great ingredients needed to repair and cleanse your face. It gave me good effect and very good in giving you clear, lighter and smooth complexion.

Christina says :

M husband has amazingly huge pores, and works at an underground mine, So needless to say those pores get filled with grease oil and all kinds of other things that come out of our mother earth. When he started this scrub i didnt relize much of a difference but a week had passed and there was no sign of the dirt or oil in his pores at all. He also enjoys the fact that its not greasy or slimy when u use it but exfoliattes the skin in a way only his face would be able to explain.
paul says :

I have seen this product in stores for years, and my friends have loved it Considering they all have bad acne, this helps really clean down in pores and keep your face less oily. Also, they have no complaints when it comes a to reactivity, since no rashes or symptoms came with the use of kyoku
Daryll says :

Where can we buy this product?
nitakb says :

Hi Daryll,

You can purchase Kyoku For Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub online at
Trayon Thomas says :

My skin has always had alot of and I was in between products when it comes to my skin. I have tried every product that money can buy. All of those other products were useless and were not effective. Then I found something on the internet called Kyoku For Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub and bought. The results had me in a daze, finally my skin was as clean as a whistle and it made my skin lighten up. Its the best thing I have tried that made my dreams come true.
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