The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, movie
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  • Altogether, the movie is bit longer that may seem boring for some viewers but for me it was enjoyable

    • by Babit Gurung

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      I never knew that the story was based on a book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I got to know about this movie from a friend who was studying Mass Media. I always watch movies when I am alone so that I do not get distracted and because I have a habit of replaying the scenes if I miss any conversation in the movie.

      I liked the story of the movie where the viewers are made to follow the sequence of the movie and ultimately left alone with their own personalized opinions about the movie. Therefore, my perception may not match commonly with other viewers. The

      movie starts with an old woman who is counting her last breath at the hospital and is accompanied by her beloved middle-aged daughter. The conversation between the mother and the daughter is toned in a way that reveals the obscure relationship between them. The mother slowly opens up her secrets by making her daughter read an old diary that is an autobiography of a person named Benjamin Button. The movie starts with blind clock-maker whose only son goes to war and never returns. The same clock maker then makes a clock that runs backward relating it to the time where he wishes all the sons who died in the war to come back with the time running backward. This is how the movie shows the birth of Benjamin Button, where he is born as old and with the time grows younger day by day.

      This movie is an amalgamation of different emotions where love, motherhood, art, patriotism, penitence, sacrifice, and determination are shown with different characters. Every character in the movie resembles the diverse purposes of life people are born with. The nursing mother who adapts Benjamin as her own son resembles motherhood, which not only can care for children but old men and women as well. She runs an ...

      • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, movie
      old age home with her husband. Similarly, there are different characters that have different purpose of life.

      The movie shows how the time changes but, the emotions and determinations never change. This is romantically depicted by the character daisy who Benjamin’s love. Despite the changes in their body, where Benjamin grows younger and Daisy grows older, the love remains the same between them.

      I also liked the way other characters are introduced in the story, for example in the middle of the movie there is a short scene featuring Benjamin’s romance with a married lady who is desperate because she could not get success in her

      ambition to cross English channel by swimming. The same woman is shown later in her old age, where she has succeeded to cross the English Channel. This also reveals the fact that strong determinations never get old rather it is just our body that acquires wrinkles and weakness with the span of time.

      The special effects that shows Brad Pitt ( Benjamin) getting younger and Daisy getting older is shown in a perfect way, where even the viewers feel themselves growing older with daisy and younger with Benjamin. Altogether, the movie is bit longer that may seem boring for some viewers but for me it was enjoyable.

Brittany Moore says :

I myself, loved this movie. I thought it was very creative to have thought of going backwards. What if we met a person that went backwards? I loved the New Orleans Home of Benjamin Buttons. This movie shows you that you cant judge people by their apperence,because you have no idea what their story is. I thought it would be some boring movie, but I was very wrong, this movie was very good. I thought the part where Benjamine said “You can rant and rave about the outcome of things, but in the end you just got to let go” I thought about those words for a good while.Its true, you cant change the past so whats ranting and raving going to do? Nothing. You just have to let it go.. If this movie was playing in theaters again, I’d Pay to see it another two times.
Babit Gurung replies :

You’re right Brittany, thanks for sharing your creative perceptions about the movie, the words you have picked from the movie shows that you too love the way the life shows its mysterious face to us. The movie obviously has some deep philosophy that speaks the truth about life where we never feel the change unless it occurs palpably, However, we do have a person inside us who surely can feel the changes which we can never judge.
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