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  • The part of the storyline that involves Lucas love life is in my opinion rushed
  • I honesty loved this movie and recommend it for a watch

    • by nitakb


      As a fan of cinema entertainment I indulged in watching the movie called The hunt. I choose to watch this movie because of the actor Mads Mikkelsen was the lead Role. Besides that factor, I was drawn to the plot of the film. I must warn that my review will contain spoilers for the movie.

      The movie is set around a nursery school teacher named Lucas. Who is divorced, struggling with the custody of his teenage son and lives alone with his dog Fanny. He’s a simple kind of man loves his job at the nursery, and enjoys the children who attend. Lucas forms a innocent type friendship with his best friend daughter named Klara, who is a student at the nursery. It appears she often times wonders away from home when her parents are caught up in arguing, ending up in various places, such as the grocery store. Lucas of course sees her and walks her back home. From here there’s this bond formed between Klara and Lucas. From one side, which is Lucas he seeing her as what I’m assuming a daughter like figure and Klara has a young girl affection for Lucas.

      The main plot of the movie begins later on during one of the school days, Klara is seen to be making a gift for Lucas. There in the play room is Lucas wrestle playing with the other children. There in the door way stands Klara who is grinning at the

      sight of Lucas being tackled. When he plays dead, Klara swoops over and kisses him on the mouth (I’m thinking to offer him a kiss of life like in the fairy tales) Lucas, realizes what is happening, pushes her away and gets up disheveled. He goes after the child, informing that he’s found the small present in his coat pocket. He gently tells her that she should give it to one of the boys and also tell her that kissing on the lips only for Mom and Dad. She insists that the present isn’t from her even though her name is on it. Klara tells him that he’s lying and walks away.

      The scene we see next in the movie is Klara sitting in the dark (simmering in her anger). Grethe, the head master, or principal comes over inquiring and asking her whats wrong. The girl expresses that she hates Lucas and begins pinning a tale about him and that he gave her heart. The principal grows concerned about what the girl tells her and later sits Lucas down, vaguely informing him about the accusation of one of the children seeing his private parts. Which leaves him in disbelief.

      The head master and another man named Ole (I’m assuming is another authority figure over the school) later sits down with Klara, asking her to explain what she told Grethe about seeing Lucas’s private parts. The girl is hesitant but confirms the questions being asked of her. She then claims she doesn’t remember what happened after Lucas apparently showed her his ‘willie’.

      From here the accusation about Lucas is told to the teachers and then Klara’s mother. The tale is quickly spread throughout the nursery, to the parents (from the head master Grethe) and then to the entire town. The authorities are one of the last people to know about it. By the time the authorities know, Lucas is basically labeled a pervert, and the little lie is all blown out of proportion. All of his neighbors and friends turn their backs on him and mistreat him. Even the town grocery store owner later bans him and his son from shopping in the store. He basically becomes the town’s Leper. The one especially sad apart is that his teenage son Marcus gets caught in the cross fire of it. He is the one of the only ones that believes his father to be innocent.

      As typical and traditional as this plot seems, its a well put together one. It expresses the things that really happen in real life. It paints a perfect picture of how a lie told-even a small one- can really mess up a person’s life completely. Literally turning it upside down.

      In the movie Mads Mikkelsen portrays the character of Lucas, fairly well. He shows us the emotion of a innocent man whose, hurt, betrayed and brokenhearted because of the treatment he gets from the town all because of a lie ...

      • The Hunt (2012)
      from a little girl who was angry about basically being rejected. He plays the part of appearing pitiful so well that I wanted to just hug him. It’s sad because the movie perfectly emphasizes how people can look and believe the worse in people instead of hearing them out and giving them a chance.

      I will admit that there are some jumbled parts to the movie, nothing that totally taints the quality of the movie. Some of the acting is a little stiff but still realistic enough to be taken seriously. There were parts of movie that had me yelling and cussing at the screen, and then there were a few keys parts that had me wiping tears from my eyes. The movie is just under two hours long. There are parts of the movie that are kind of slow, but still generally contributes to the entire storyline. If you’re looking for a movie packed in typical drama, then this movie isn’t it. Sure the movie is full of drama, but its the kind of drama you have to pay attention to and keep calm with. Initially I had to compose myself to watch the film entirely instead of covering my eyes.

      The title of this movie had me rubbing my chin for a minute, thinking “How does it tie to the entire story?” Well there are scenes in the movie that took some pausing and rewinding to catch. The way the director Thomas Vinterberg depicts

      the movie is cleverly creative. The message is clear but is hidden. One that I had to analytically piece together for it to make complete sense.

      The part of the storyline that involves Lucas love life is in my opinion rushed. Seriously, the woman, named Nadja, who works as the cook in the nursery is bold and a little pushy with Lucas. There’s apparently this instant attraction that both act upon almost spontaneously. Its showed fully in the movie too. There’s nothing left to the imagination. It’s implied that they form a relationship, but visually there isn’t any more to it other than the physically part. Which isn’t surprising and actually made me laugh because Nadja began to believe the lie that Lucas was being inappropriate with Klara. She doesn’t quite believe but she is caught in the possibly that it is true. This literally gets her manhandled and tossed out the door in the movie.

      I honesty loved this movie and recommend it for a watch. I’ve basically outlined the moral of this movie but there is still more that happens that I feel I wouldn’t do it justice by retelling. It’s better for one to go watch it for themselves and see what happens and how it ends. I ended up watching it twice just to fully comprehend.

      The movie is rated R for sexual content and language, and violence.

      I would recommend watching this movie, if you’re into the drama scene and want something realistic and enjoyable.

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