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  • I was happy that I didn't have to dilute it with some water
  • In the end I enjoyed this Energize power fruit punch

    • by nitakb


      I tried another flavor from the elixir line of Sobe called Energize fruit punch when my neighborhood Kroger was running a sale on them for only eighty cents. Considering I’ve previously tried a previous flavor from this brand I wasn’t too hesitant to grab a bottle.

      Personally I’m not the biggest fan of premade fruit punches for a few reasons. One reason is that a majority of them tastes the same. They taste nothing like fruit punch should. Next is that they are packed in sugar, are usually thick and can be diluted down to literally make a gallon with still enough sweetness for taste. The next is because they are packed in

      calories, salt, food coloring and half the time don’t even have juice. So to say, I had some minor skepticism about this version of fruit punch from Sobe. But to my amazement, this fruit punch tasted real! A little too sweet, but it wasn’t horrible. I mean seriously I could taste the real juice in this. I was happy that I didn’t have to dilute it with some water. But I will say that there is one underlining flavor I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I’m thinking it’s one of those natural unidentified flavors it listed on the bottle or the Aronia juice. It was kind of weird because after the sweetness and fruit flavor wears off I was met with the unknown flavor that had a tendency to linger. Kind of reminded me of juicy juice.

      As goes for the energy part of this beverage there is potassium, which in one serving is five milligrams and in the whole twenty ounce bottle there is fifteen. And then there’s a healthy dose of caffeine. Eight ounces gives you thirty one milligrams and the whole bottle gives you seventy six grams. Then there’s the Taurine, the L-Proline Glycerol Ester of Rosin and then Guarana seed extract. This apparently makes of the energize power part of the punch. I can honestly say that it did a great ...

      • Sobe Energize Power Fruit Punch
      job of perking me up. I wasn’t crazily hyper but I was certainly alert. I liked that after drinking this I didn’t crash like so many other energy drinks have a tendency to cause.

      One serving of this fruit punch is one hundred calories with no fat. Twenty five milligrams of sodium and twenty six grams of carbs. There’s twenty five grams of sugar. Now if you’re drinking the entire bottle, there is two hundred and fifty calories, sixty grams of sodium, sixty five grams of carbs and sixty three grams of sugar. It’s kind of shocking at the amount of sugar and carbs that’s in this drink alone. There’s seriously more

      in this than there is in a twelve ounce can of soda. This was something that I didn’t like. I feel like they could have used Purevia like they did previously in some of there other flavors. If you’re one to watch how much calories your drink then I would say that this is one drink you should stay away from unless you are seriously active and burn it off.

      In the end I enjoyed this Energize power fruit punch. Although even though it tasted good, hyped me up and did what it was supposed to, it won’t be something I will look to repurchasing in the future.

      I give this fruit punch a seven out of ten.

Tomeka says :

I’m somewhat a fan of sobe. Some of their products are okay. I have tasted a few that, well to me had no flavor. Or tasted like watered down powerade. The good thing about sobe is that they do have healthy aspects that can help benefit you.
Agave Lemonade has antioxidants, yerba mate, and taurine. Which is great for replenishment and a boost of energy. It has a subtle sweet taste to it. Which for a energy water drink it’s not bad at all. It’s not harsh like other energy drinks. Like monster, or red bull.

Some of their smoothie flavored ones are high in vitamin c,b and a. It also lacks the important ingredients such as iron and potassium. The smoothies are more high in sugar as well as sodium. So those kinds don’t have much of a health factor to it more of a good taste factor.
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