Batman and Robin 1997 Movie
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  • Much like its colorful counterpart before it, I found very little enjoyment in this Batman film

    • by sarahdragon26

      Out comes another colorful Batman, but at least Val Kilmer and Nicole Kidman did not return with the title. The title, Batman and Robin, was released in 1997 and was the ending to the sad existence that the Batman movie series had come to. It was not picked up again until Batman Begins, which showcases a character that was in his youth, so to speak. Before the shark fin Batmobile and the bright colors of Gotham City. Frankly, this version of Batman died a death it should have died after Batman Returns. It never should have left Tim Burton’s hands.

      With Val Kilmer out of the picture, George Clooney took over the role of Bruce

      Wayne/Batman. While Clooney would not have been my first choice, he does fit the Bruce Wayne image. He has class and a playboy feel to him. I’m not saying that he did the role justice, but he did a passable job. Much better than Val Kilmer’s performance. I was not pleased to see Chris O’Donnell return as Robin nor was I happy to see that nothing about Robin’s character has changed. It had just gotten worse. Robin was more whiny and annoying than ever before. Yes, he doesn’t want to be under Batman’s shadow anymore, but this version of Robin sounded more like a child then a man wanting to branch out. It was very
      unappealing about the character. I’m not even going to comment on Alicia Silverstone playing Batgirl because EVERYTHING is wrong about her role. Batgirl was Barbara Gordon, the Commissioner’s daughter and did not become part of Batman’s crime-fighting click until after she had been on the scene for a while. As for her performance, I felt like I was watching Clueless. Because she was completely clueless.

      It seems like this director and his crew can only do one thing right in their films and that’s cast the villain roles. Loved Uma Thurman as Poision Ivy. She had the grace and sensual elegance that just screamed ‘Look At Me.’ She almost embodied every sensual, sexual, and personal ...

      • Batman and Robin 1997 Movie
      essence that Poison Ivy possessed. Bane was just as he should be, big and not much of a talker. He was created or turned into what he was, the muscle bound monster, by the chemical called Venom. Which was injected into his body to make him stronger. That’s how I’ve always seen him. The one cast member that I was not expecting was Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. While Arnold is not the genius that Freeze was, he played the part of the intelligent, but love-sick Freeze well. He even made me feel for him. Then again, I always did feel bad for Mr. Freeze and how he became what he was in life. He
      did it to save the woman he loved. He was just a little too obsessed with saving her.

      In the ways of storyline and plot, it seemed to be too much all over the place. Never in one spot and never focused on a central idea until the end of the film. Freeze wanted to freeze Gotham and Ivy wanted to breed her powerful plants to take over the frozen world. Typcial Batman villain ideas, but there were too many holes.

      Much like its colorful counterpart before it, I found very little enjoyment in this Batman film. I watch it for Freeze and Ivy. And that’s really sad. That I watch for the villains, instead of the Batman himself.

Andrew Leaither says :

I tend to agree with you on this movie that it was not so great. I have strong love and memories of these movies but I still enjoyed the movie maybe not as such to watch it again. There’s nothing really unique in the movie and even though it was made in 1997, it maybe a movie that will eventually get lost somewhere in the internet archives and newer, stronger much more powerful movies will take over.
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