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  • When it came to the video actors, I didn’t care for Meg Ryan or John Cusack as the leads, but I thought Christopher Lloyd and Angela Lansbury were perfectly picked for their roles

    • by sarahdragon26

      When this movie came out in 1997, I had never even heard of the small child that was being portrayed in the film. I was informed by my mother that the movie was based on the 1956 movie about the return of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna. It was only after reading some history books that I discovered that both films are based on the rumors that the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna actually survived the execution of her family. Which, according to history, she did not.

      The cartoon itself was mildly entertaining. It had the feel of

      a musical with the songs as well as the romance. While the romance was cheesy and not very fulfilling, I did enjoy most of the musical numbers. When it came to the video actors, I didn’t care for Meg Ryan or John Cusack as the leads, but I thought Christopher Lloyd and Angela Lansbury were perfectly picked for their roles. Lloyd has underhanded, villainous feeling to his voice as Lansbury came to the movie with a sense of regality that very few people can portray in voice acting or in real life.

      After being able to understand the basics of the storyline behind the film, I did like that the movie didn’t focus on the revolution or the execution of the Tsars or the many of the things that history has focused on when it came to the story of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna and her family’s tragic fate. A storyline was created around the rumors of her survival (as the beginning song ‘Rumor in St. Petersburg goes). Even thou it’s not the truth of what really happened, it does touch the heart. How a grandmother so desperately wanting her grand-daughter back and how life ...

      • Anastasia 1997 BluRay Movie
      has a way of finding happiness in the strangest of places. Not normally the truth, but it is nice to dream. I am also very glad that the true nature behind Rasputin, history’s version of Rasputin, was not explored in depth in this movie. From all historical accounts, he was quite the evil and vile man. And has no place in a children’s cartoon or in speech at all. He deserves to be forgotten.

      The movie does have a few historically correct facts. After the Tsars fell, the St. Petersburg palace was empty and fell into disrepair as

      well as Russia going under communist rule with poverty becoming a common thing. What most people have forgotten is that this is fiction. This movie was never displayed as presenting historical fact. It was proven that the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna did indeed die with her family. Tragic, but it was proven. Even thou this fact remains, it is nice to dream that this little girl might have survived such a terrible tragedy.

      The movie is entertaining and had some excitement where I was cheering for Anastasia. It’s a semi-good children’s cartoon. Worth a viewing every few months.

Elizabeth says :

As a child I really enjoyed the movie, it was one of my favorites actually. As the movie was directed towards children I feel like they did well in the areas important for children. Anastasia was a colorful movie that was a good introduction to SOME Russian history and culture while of course embellishing. The music was unique at the time it was created, the dancing was also in some instances a good introduction to another culture. While it may not be very accurate information on Anastasia’s death, I enjoyed how the movie portrayed the myth of her being alive. This movie introduces children to mystery, suspense, fantasy, and myth in a way that opens children’s minds to a healthy amount of skepticism. And like most children movies it gives children hope. On a note more personal to me as a feminist, I believe that for a children’s princess movie, it was one of the first to portray women in a strong demeanor. Of course Anja was not the toughest at that time (Pocahontas, and Mulan beat her any day), she did go out into the world initially on her own, and in the end she was the one that chose to be with the guy because she loved him, not because he was some Prince. Oh, in a way the movie also brings different social classes together to show that we are all equal…unless you’re royalty. I enjoyed the movie I would show it to my children, after Pocahontas and Mulan of course _
sarahdragon26 replies :

I completely agree with your opinion as well. I think she makes a great heroine but not really better then some of the newer Disney heroines, who still continue to be my favorite. Thank you, Elizabeth.
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