Alien 3 1992 Special Edition Bluray Movie
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  • Not my favorite alien film, but was still good

    • by sarahdragon26

      While there was excitement in getting the first and second Alien in BluRay, I only got this one, Alien 3, just to continue the collection. Alien 3 1992 Special Edition Bluray is what I got. While I don’t watch it as much as I do the other Alien films, I did watch it to see what had been added or changed from the original film.

      Two of the things that had not changed were the sadness I felt when I saw that Hicks and Newt had not survived the crash landing. The second thing was the alien. It was still smaller then it’s humanoid counterpart and moved a lot of faster. As well as a very sad ending for Bishop. His character really grown on me in the second film.

      The difference between the Special Edition and the original film started

      right away. I don’t ever remember seeing the Doctor who was caring for Ripley walking along the shore and finding her body washed up with the crashed lifetube in the water beyond. Ripley was looking burned and covered with maggots. I felt my skin crawl in just thinking of those creatures on my skin. I remember I actually cried in the original film when the alien creature came out of a dog. Yet, in the Special Edition, it didn’t come from a dog. It came from an ox. That was just odd. And the prisoners even found the dead Facehugger with the Ox. As soon as I saw the Facehugger, I knew the Alien was not coming out a dog, but it did get me thinking about was the alien going to be any different because of the different animal it
      was coming out of.

      Another thing I don’t remember from the original film was the Alien looking so CGI at points. Yes, it was fake-looking. It ran like a dog, but I really don’t remember so many CGI looking scenes in the original. And I don’t remember them actually trapping the alien in the toxic waste area, but it would explain the scene where the prisoners are all yelling at each other about how it got out. I never understood that scene since the original movie never actually showed that it got captured. I had always wondered what happened to the guy who witnessed it kill the other prisoner when you first really see the Alien creature. The one who was in the med-bay, covered in blood, when the Doctor was killed by the alien. The Special Edition shows him releasing ...

      • Alien 3 1992 Special Edition Bluray Movie
      the alien from where it was trapped in the toxic waste area, thinking it was some kind of god. Stupid, if you ask me. And he got killed for it.

      The ending had its own share of cutscenes and dialogue I don’t remember or was added. The Bishop that arrives to take Ripley away and remove the queen alien from her, yells that he’s not a robot. But he never says who he was. Or what he is? Was he a relative of Weyland? Nothing is said. Or explained. And from all accounts, the original Weyland existed in the Alien Vs Predator story and died there or he could have died in the Prometheus storyline. Who knows?

      The last scene that got me thinking was when Ripley let herself fall into the molten lead. In the original film, as she’s falling backwards,

      the queen alien bursts from her chest and Ripley holds it to her as they both fall into the lead. In the Special Edition, no queen bursts from her chest. She just holds out her arms, and falls. Disappearing into the lead. Which, I guess what lead into her being cloned with the queen still inside of her during the fourth Alien installment.

      While this film was not the greatest addition to the Alien series, I still laugh when the warden is pulled into the vent and all the inmates are angry because they wanted to kill him. And the only guy to live through the whole thing is a smart-mouthed criminal who gave Ripley grief through the whole movie until the end. Love Charles Dunn’s character and hated to see him die. Not my favorite alien film, but was still good.

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