Alien 2 Aliens Special Edition 1986 BluRay Movie
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  • It is a very interesting topic of discussion between me and others
  • Something I had never noticed before, in all the times I had seen this film
  • Onto the best part of the whole film and that’s the Queen

    • by sarahdragon26

      When I got Alien 1 on Blu-Ray, I continued my collection with Aliens 1986 Special Edition. I loved the original movie and when my fears were quieted about the Alien films being changed with the Special Editions or Director’s Cuts, I was looking forward to seeing what was added into the Aliens Special Edition. I was really looking forward to enjoying this movie all over again with any extra content that was added.

      As I have gotten older, I have always been interested in the freezing technology that is used in these movies to make the trip between planet to planet take less time for the people onboard. They basically sleep through it. I got to thinking how Ripley was able to actually sleep for so long in her tube from the first movie to the second movie. Was that even possible to do? Yes, the human body does not use much energy when sleeping, but would she really have that

      much oxygen to survive just floating in space for over 50 years. It is a very interesting topic of discussion between me and others.

      The beginning of the film still freaking me out, thou. When she wakes up to have an alien coming out of her, even if it’s coming out of the wrong part of her body. It was coming out of her stomach, not her chest. I always thought that they should have caught that as being incorrect. And apparently, there was a lot that was cut out of the original film, that I was able to see in the Special Edition.

      One of the things that the Special Edition features is a scene where Ripley learns that the daughter she left behind has grown up and died while she was floating in space. Another sequence of events that is shown has to do with the colonists and the planet where the crew from Alien 1 landed and

      picked up the Alien in the first place. And in this sequence, a lot of questions I originally had about the movie were answered. Such as, what happened to the colonists and their base of operations that eventually was overrun by the eggs and the alien creatures.

      One of the things that made me laugh was the BIG W on everything. Weyland Inc makes some of kind of appearance or reference in all of the Alien movies or their connection movies. The dialogue in these sequences also answered a lot of questions about the things that were missing in the original film. One of the workers said that a company big honcho told them to send a team to explore the part of the grid where Ripley told them the ship was in. So, that explains why they went out there in the first place. And a Facehugger attaches itself to one of the team. You see Rebecca, Newt as she’s ...

      • Alien 2 Aliens Special Edition 1986 BluRay Movie
      come to be known as, screaming when she sees the Facehugger on the man’s face. I later found out that the man with the Facehugger was killed when they took it off him, which is what Bishop explained when they found the alive and dead Facehuggers. I was left to assume that teams were sent back to the ship and either more people were attacked or when they brought the Fracehuggers back and that’s how people got infected, which started the cycle. Explains how everything went to hell in that place. Again, a huge mystery from the original movie was solved for me.

      While watching the Special Edition, I had to do a double-take and even rewind the Blu-Ray. I saw something funny. Something I had never noticed before, in all the times I had seen this film. The dropship that the cast flew towards the planet in, looked a great deal like one of the machines from Terminator. Then it

      hit me. James Cameron directed this Alien film. So, in truth, it wasn’t so much of a surprise after that.

      Onto the best part of the whole film and that’s the Queen. Big, Bad Momma herself. And I loved that they didn’t CGI her when they remastered the movie and made it HD. She was still as real as she looked in the original. Even when she looked fake, she was still really there, not some CGI thing. I could still tell it was a suit with people inside of it, but I still loved it. Even the fight between her and Ripley was mostly done in close up so the queen didn’t have to actually move too much expect her upper body. Awesome. I always thought these were the most fascinating creatures, even thou they were killing machines.

      This movie didn’t scare as much as the first did, but it still creep me out. And I still cheer when Ripley beats the queen. Awesome.

Andrew Leaither says :

This was a great movie and strong powerful. I have seen all the Alien movies yet I think the firs Alien movie was the scariest and carried lots of clout, weight and power.
Sarah Abramowitz replies :

Hi, Andrew. I agree. The first Alien movie still has the power to scare me even thou I have it memorized. I love the Alien Queen in this movie, thou. I got to see part of the costume at Planet Hollywood in Orlando, Florida. I can’t wait to see the new Alien movie in a few years.
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