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  • It is one of my favorite films, even if it always seems to scare the pants off me
  • The Alien itself and the Facehugger really are amazing and strange creatures

    • by sarahdragon26

      Alien. Just the name of the movie series has inspired fear and the knowledge that I was going to see some kind of creepy and out-of-this-world frightening creature that was going to come out of the darkness and shadows to make me want to jump out of my skin. Yet, the scariest of the Alien movies has to be, hands down, Alien 1 filmed in 1979. It is one of my favorite films, even if it always seems to scare the pants off me. Even after all these years and seeing it so many times, I still get scared watching it.

      I recently purchased the movie’s Director’s Cut Blu-Ray version when I saw the Rigley Scott movie, Prometheus, and wanted to have the whole Alien series on

      Blu-Ray. I had never seen the director’s cut of Alien 1, so I was curious about what Rilgey Scott cut out of the first film.

      For not being filmed in Blu-Ray film, it was excellent quality and looked awesome. With the release of the Director’s Cut, I had this fear that everything had been remastered and changed. That the Alien creature was not going to be as life-like and real as it was n the original film. That it might have been changed to look more CGI. Thankfully, the movie remained the same. While it was easy to tell it was a guy in the Alien costume, it still frightened me. Having it look too CGI takes away from frightening presence of the creature.

      I do like the fact that Rigley Scott did add certain things into the Prometheus storyline, but he kept the look of the Creators’ ships and it was awesome to see a connection to the Alien series in there. I liked that not everything connected, but only certain things, so it was able to stand alone as it own movie and possible series. For the longest time, I had always wondered who that strange ship belonged to (the one where the Facehugger was found) and what that creature was in the middle of the egg room. Prometheus was able to put some answers to these questions. Even the head of the fossilized creature in the center of the room looked like the helmets the humanoid creators were wearing in Prometheus.

      • Alien 1 1979 Director's Cut Blu-Ray Movie
      Now, I have something to connect it to, even thou it’s not a direct prequel. Thou, I am curious if the planet the cast from Alien 1 landed on was the same planet the heroine from Prometheus landed on or it was just another planet with Creator ship on it. I’ll have to watch Prometheus again and really listen to their explanations and descriptions.

      The Alien itself and the Facehugger really are amazing and strange creatures. How they’re images have last all this time isn’t really a surprise. They are incredibly unique in the ways of design and imagination. I laugh at myself when it comes to the scene where the small version of the alien breaks through Caine’s chest. I know it’s coming. I’ve seen the

      movie hundreds of times, but I still jump when it breaks through and blood goes everywhere. I also still jump when the Facehugger jumps onto Caine’s face out of the egg. I still get this terrible feeling of fright and need for flight when the Alien is attacking Parker and Lambert and all you hear is the sounds of it attacking her and then this terrible scream just before Ripley gets there. So eerie when it’s accompanied by that empty silence.

      For me, the true effect of a film is in its effect on me. Alien will always have the ability to affect me with fright because of the darkness of the ship and how the creature is just waiting around every corner. You just don’t know which corner.

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