Microgynon 30 contraceptive pill
  • I think this is one of the cheapest pills on the NHS/market and this definitely shows in the terrible mess that it reduced my body to

    • by Ariane Evans


      This review is about the contraceptive pill “Microgynon 30″ which has a dosage of 30mg of estrogen (ethinyl estradiol) and 150mg of progesterone (levenorgestrel). For me, this pill really didn’t work and I attributed this to the low dose - I seem to suit the higher doses of pill better. Because of this, it gave me lots of unpleasant, long-lasting side effects.


      cystitis, breakthrough bleeding and horrificly bad moods were just a few of the many side effects I experienced over the 3 months I was on it (I just couldn’t handle any more!) so it pretty much scarred me for life and made me reluctant to try any more contraceptive pills. I felt very depressed on this contraceptive pill, something which I had never particularly felt before, and it was very horrible.

      I just felt hopeless, and black, and miserable for no particular reason. This all lifted when I when off Microgynon.

      I think this is one of the cheapest pills on the NHS/market and this definitely shows in the terrible mess that it reduced my body to. It made me scared to be on the pill ...

      • Microgynon 30 contraceptive pill
      because it just felt like it was wrecking me.

      I definitely would not recommend. Push for another pill, girls!

      I wouldn’t recommend this contraceptive pill to anybody, simply because I think out bodies deserve more.

      The ingredients in this pill just turn out to be bad for the body and I really question the morality of this. Sure, it stops pregnancies, but I

      doubt many women have not had side effects on this contraceptive pill.

      Apparently the ingredients in this contraceptive pill is actually made from horse and cow urine. Hmm, I don’t quite like the sound of that to be honest.

      What about if the animal was ill? Or distressed? Or pregnant? Surely that would influence these contraceptive pills which would in turn mess with our bodies, turning our already delicate reproductive system into turmoil.

Melanie Noell says :

Birth control is different for everyone, so I wouldn’t necessarily say the ingredients are bad or to blame. It just has to do with what is right for you. I’m the exact opposite. If I don’t take a low dose pill, I am violently ill. I haven’t tried this specific low dose pill, but I’ve known women to have totally opposite reactions to the same pill, even if they are of similar body type/lifestyle. And this isn’t the only pill that uses horse urine it’s either hormones extracted from cow/horse urine or a synthetic compound.

shay Tunstull says :

re : I think this is one of the cheapest pills on the NHS/market and this definitely shows in the terrible mess that it reduced my body to
I have tried many types of birth control, and each have had its side effects. This pill has reduced my body to deal with migraines and my hair to shed. i would definitely not recommend using this pill.

Esther says :

I used this pill for a year and half with a stop period of 3 months. I used it not as a control but to regulate my menses though the pills were doing both job (regulation and stop from being pregnant). During the first part of the treatment (one year) I had no real issue with the drug except headache and dizziness but I was not worry because it worked. But during the last part (six months) headache, dizziness, fatigue nausea came up and badly. I ended up with weight gain. I could not cope so I quicked. I cannot explain what actually made the difference between the two periods. It is a good product when you are followed up by your doctor constantly, I mean it when I say constantly. Because from the first adverse effects they can reduce the dose or change the product to a more suitable one. Do not decide on your own to change the product.

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