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  • My favorite character in the book is Bobby Weaver
  • I really love the author’s unique idea of having a story within a story
  • That’s one of the things I like best about you
  • If you can do that and still love me, then I know I’m not alone in this world
  • I have read it twice and enjoyed it both times

    • by patwrites


      This is a review of a book called “The Wonder of Ordinary Magic,” by Lilli Jolgren Day, and was published in October 2011. The story takes place in Michigan, which has been the author’s home all of her life. From the author’s description of a beloved country park in the story, you feel like it could be your own neighborhood park. Day said this story was inspired from an incident in her life when a semi-truck swerved into her lane, cut her off, and she thought she was going to die. Her first worry was how the story she was working on would get finished if she died. Then she wondered, what if I don’t die, but wind up in a coma. Maybe I could still finish the story in my mind. Thus, Bobby Weaver , a successful writer, trying to finish his book in his mind while in a coma, was created. This charming story is told from the viewpoint of six characters. It speaks of the meaning of family, and how our lives are intertwined one with another through marriage and family. It is our love for each other, shown in little and big ways, which creates the extraordinary value of its ordinary magic.

      My favorite character in the book is Bobby Weaver. He is very much loved by his

      family and is charmingly witty. The author has a great sense of humor and it shines through in this character. He had me laughing in a few parts of the book. Bobby is just trying to finish his story when “the big bad wolf came.” This is Bobby’s description for his coma. I really love the author’s unique idea of having a story within a story. Both stories are so good, you will want to read them both.

      Tom Weaver is Bobby’s older brother. While Bobby is the jokester in the family, his brother is the serious, responsible, tall, dark, and handsome tax accountant in the family. He is married to Miranda and Chloe is his daughter. Although Tom has been very successful, his business is not doing well and he is stressed out from trying to keep it from going under. He is also under emotional stress from his brother being in a coma. He is also financially burdened with Bobby’s medical expenses.

      Miranda Weaver is a very, dedicated wife and mother. She is a fast-paced, efficient, perfectionist. She is a self-employed psychologist. Her work is not as stressful as Tom’s, but she has more of the responsibility of taking care of Chloe. Twelve months after her Mother’s death, she is still dealing with grief and is worn out.

      Chloe is my second favorite character. Her sweet picture on the front cover of “The Wonder of Ordinary Magic,” is what caught my interest at first. Chloe is a sweet little four year-old child who is always trying to figure everything out. Bobby thinks his niece takes after him more than Tom, because she is precocious. Chloe told her Grandpa, Jack, “I have a lot of good ideas, Grandpa!” And Grandpa responded with, “I know you do Chloe. That’s one of the things I like best about you.”

      Chloe’s Grandpa is Jack Doyle. He is the father of Miranda and Michael. Jack is a seventy-three years old, devoted husband, father, and grandfather with an easy smile, and a good sense of humor. He loved spending hours in the country park with his wife, Mary. Even after her death, he still visits the park every day.

      Michael is Miranda’s little brother and Jack’s son. He is charming and a great story teller. He finds it difficult to come out and tell his family he is gay, but he finally does. His partner, Josh, is the very opposite of Michael. He is quiet and reserved. Josh works with his dad and brother as part of a construction crew. He loves to renovate old houses. Michael is a talented freelance photographer about to have his first showing.

      Mary Doyle ...

      • The Book
      is the beloved wife of Jack Doyle and the mother of Michael and Miranda. She passes away after a long battle with breast cancer. She had always been the center of Jack, Miranda, and Michael’s world. She was the anchor of her family.

      In “The Wonder of Ordinary Magic, the characters demonstrate how they feel about getting older. Each character shows us how they try to cope with grief and the loss of loved ones. Each of the characters is trying their best to continue to function in their everyday life, even while hurting. Tom says his heart breaks every time he visits his brother, Bobby in the hospital. He wonders, “How many times can a heart break before it just crumbles and falls completely to pieces?” His wife Miranda is still dealing with grief from the loss of Mary. She said that all her years of study and work as a psychologist could not answer her question, “How are you supposed to come to grips with the finality of death?”

      When you are a family, all of the big events in your life are shared with each other, such as the birth of a baby, but so are the crises. Mary told her son Michael before she died that she was not the only one going through breast cancer, it was a family affair.

      I was able to totally relate to this since my own Mother died from lung cancer when I was a preteen.

      The heart of this story is the power and magic of love. Bobby said, “See me. Touch me. Hear my story. If you can do that and still love me, then I know I’m not alone in this world.” Jack said it was the love for his little granddaughter, Chloe, that enabled him to endure the grief and loneliness he felt after Mary died. When Michael finally had the courage to tell his Mother, Mary he was gay, she said,” I love you no matter what…always and forever.” When Miranda felt like she was about to go over the edge, she would look at the picture Michael took at Chloe’s birth. It was a picture of her handsome husband holding his newborn daughter. She said it had a magical power because it gave her the strength to carry on.

      The end of the book surprised and shocked me. But you will have to read it yourself, if you want to know what happens. This book made me laugh and cry. I would highly recommend this book to Young Adults and older. I have read it twice and enjoyed it both times. This is the author’s first book. I hope to read more of her work in the future.

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