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Level 1/421-429 Sussex St, Haymarket NSW 2000
  • You have to rip them with your hands and I found this very inconvenient
  • Unfortunately, I am not such a big fan of change
  • Overall, I'd say that the experience could have gone better
  • I would recommend this restaurant to someone who's bored of going to the same yumcha place every time and who's looking for a change

    • by Rubyxx

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      My trip to this restaurant was not planned. I was taking my kids to the city and we went through Chinatown because the place is just filled with merchandise and such lovely food. Every street had restaurants in it. I’m a go with the flow sort of person and usually when I go to restaurants, it’s because my friends recommended it or I see lots of people queueing up. When I went yesterday, it was the latter reason. It was very popular, all the tables were crammed and we had to wait in line for 20 minutes before getting seats.

      Firstly, what attracted me was the entrance. Although quite narrow, it gave off the rich, high-class vibe in appearance. Next to the marble staircase was a large, gold statue and a really majestic looking sign. Everything just looked so posh. Of course when we climbed the stairs and actually saw the rest of the restaurant, it was even beter. The rooms were really large for a Chinese yumcha restaurant, and there was actually space

      to move around between the tables. I have nothing to complain about in terms of appearance and aesthetic appeal. Even the workers had their own separate uniforms- those Chinese dresses called qipoas and the men wore suits.

      However, what really annoyed me when I went there was when I started ordering. In a yumcha restaurant, the workers are meant to push their trolleys around and offer you food. If you want it, you take a dish/basket. (I’m not sure what it’s called) Easy, simple, traditional process. However, this restaurant twisted this food serving approach. We saw the trolley once, in our 2 hour stay, and that was it. We only took one dish/basket of food, and when we asked for more varieties, they explained that you had to order it on a paper form, hand it in and wait for the waiters/waitresses to deliver it from a tray. This may seem organised, more professional, more modern but trust me, when you’re sitting there watching those waiters and waitresses carrying tiny trays with only one or two servings of food around, you start to get annoyed. It took 25 minutes for us to receive 4 dumplings.

      The time for the food to arrive is incredibly slow. To eat everything without wasting time, you have to order everything you plan to eat in the one order. (including things like dessert, drinks, etc) Don’t bother wasting time placing separate orders because they separate your order and only deliver dishes one at a time anyways.

      The food itself was alright. Nothing special- tasted mostly the same as local yumcha restaurants. The chicken’s feet (if you’re not a fan of yumcha, don’t be disgusted as this is a traditional Chinese dish) was slightly wrinkly and didn’t taste very fresh. None of the rolls were cut in half. You have to rip them with your hands and I found this very inconvenient. The prawn dumplings are not traditional, they have added spring onion and chives which I don’t really like. Also, the mango cream pancakes lacked sufficient filling and had too much ...

      • East Ocean Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

      As for pricing, it’s not too expensive. Let’s see, I had king prawn dumplings, vegetarian rolls, fried white bait fish, mango cream pancakes, cow tendons, pork ribs, 2 dishes of chicken feet, fried shanghai buns, and 2 other dishes I can’t remember and it totalled $68. To be honest, I expected higher prices from a city yumcha restaurant. Can’t remember the exact numbers for dish sizes but the X-large dishes (this includes things like dumplings, chicken feet, etc) were $6.80. (pricing is in AUD) You do have to pay for seat fees. It’s $1.50 per person. You do not have to pay extra for tea or water.

      The variety of food is alright. I have found this restaurant to be very modern. They stray from yumcha and offer dishes that normal restaurants and take-aways would offer. They also have many ‘upgraded’ version of food. Many dishes have extra spices. Unfortunately, I am not such a big fan of change.

      Customer service is pleasant. The workers are pretty nice and easy to talk

      to. They say hello and will converse when pouring you tea. They also clean up extremely fast. Just as I took the last piece of meat from the dish the empty dish was gone. There are lots of workers so it’s easy when you feel the need to ask something or get someone to hurry your order.

      The restaurant does provide toilets. The bathroom is very nice- textured black floor and tiled walls. It’s very clean, which is a first for me. There’s even different sized mirrors including a body-length one.

      Overall, I’d say that the experience could have gone better. I would recommend this restaurant to someone who’s bored of going to the same yumcha place every time and who’s looking for a change. Don’t go with your family, my kids complained about the wait for the food for several hours. Rather, go with a few friends and take your time enjoying the positive things the restaurant has to offer. It would be the perfect dining place for a chill hang-out sesh.

anthonio thomaz jr says :

this place is in china town. it looks very exotic. I like the room so beautiful.
I would like to eat there food. I like chines food. Every oriental food is good for you.

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