Monea Hair Rebond System
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  • Then I decided to stop treating my hair and let it be what it used to be
  • I am contended with this product and would love to recommend this to everyone who has a same problem in their hair like mine

    • by Junmae


      I used to have a wavy type of hair and it always ruined my day. My hair is not manageable though I am using a conditioner. Maybe because it runs in our blood, to have a wavy hair. When I was in College, I started to treat my hair in a Salon. I usually did Hair Relax treatment and it works. I had a shiny and manageable hair. My hair was no longer wavy after the treatment and it feels great because our hair is one of the factors why we look good. However, after 6 months, my hair came back to its usual

      look. It became wavy and unmanageable so I have to repeat the treatment all over again. I got tired because I need to sacrifice my allowance because it it. Then I decided to stop treating my hair and let it be what it used to be. I just pony tail my hair when it dries up to hide the waviness. When I started working, rebonding of hair became famous and I wanted to try one but it was so expensive for me. A friend of mine told me to use a rebond treatment instead of going to salon.

      At first I was afraid but I ...

      • still tried to buy a hair rebond treatment. In Watsons, a sales lady gave me Monea Hair Rebond System when I asked for a rebond treatment. She said that it is one of their best selling products of hair rebond treatment. So I studied how to use this product before applying it to my hair. I followed the instruction correctly when I applied this to my hair. After the treatment, I immediately saw how my hair transform to a more silky and straight hair.

        Since then I regularly bought this product every 10 months and it only costs 260 pesos now. The price of

        treatment in the Salon was so different and I can say that I saved a lot of money. Why go to the Salon when you can buy a treatment and apply this yourself. I am happy who this treatment works in my hair. I had a silky and straighter hair. I am no longer worrying my hair will became wavy after it dries up. I am contended with this product and would love to recommend this to everyone who has a same problem in their hair like mine. But please be careful when applying this. You should follow the instruction carefully to achieve its maximum effect.

    Tanya says :

    is it okay to use this eve my hair is bleached?
    me.glenrose says :

    yes it’s fine, there shouldn’t be any problem with that.
    Galega says :

    You can use Monea Hair Rebond after bleaching your hair. However, please keep at least one day distance. Generally, hair and scalp becomes little bit sensitive after bleaching. And, in that case, using rebond product on sensitive hair and scalp can become problematic. There should not be any problem after one day, though.
    Sam says :

    Hi. :) Is it really effective for rebonding the hair? I have thick wavy hair, can this product works?
    junmae replies :

    Yes it really works. But you have to follow the directions carefully because the effectiveness of this product depends on how you will use it.
    Galega says :

    It will definitely help you to get straighten silky hair. Monea Hair Rebond System is widely used by those having thick and wavy hair, like you. However, please remember to follow all instructions, mentioned below:

    1.) Wash your hair thoroughly (DO NOT use conditioner) to rid it of oil and dirt.

    2.) Using a hair blower, thoroughly dry your hair. Comb it thoroughly.

    3.) You may opt to use a glove here using a comb, get a spoonful of the Monea Hair Rebond System I (Yellow jar). Spread the product from the roots to the tips. (Note that if you have colored or previously treated hair, application may vary, check the instruction sheet)

    4.) Leave the product on for 20 mins. Perform a “knot test” after 20mins. Here’s how: Get atleast 4-5 strands of hair, wipe off the product with a napkin and tie a knot. If the knot loosens, it means that your hair is not yet ready. If it doesn’t budge, you may proceed to the next step.

    5.) Rinse off the product with water. Dry completely using a hair blower and comb thoroughly.

    6.) Using a pre-heated ceramic hair iron (heat settings may differ depending on the condition of your hair, see instruction sheet) carefully iron your hair, making sure that you get a few strands at a time. Let cool.

    7.) Apply the Monea Hair Rebond System II (Gray jar) on your hair. Leave again for 20 mins.

    8. Rinse your hair thoroughly.
    Diane says :

    When I bought Monea there’s no instructions inside. You also said that I really have to follow the instructions. So, can I ask about the instructions of Monea?
    awezome.writer says :

    1. Wash your hair with shampoo thoroughly but never use a conditioner.
    2. After that blow dry your hair, it should be totally dry.
    3. Apply the Monea hair rebonding system I to your hair and leave it for 20 minutes.
    4. After 20 minutes, you should wash your hair with water and then dry your hair again thoroughly using a hair dryer.
    5. Now once your hair is totally dry, using the a preheated hair iron, start straightening your hair few strands at a time. Let your hair cool down after.
    6. Apply the monea hair rebonding system II and leave it again for 20 minutes.
    7. Rinse your hair thoroughly with water.
    8. For a better effect, you can apply a hair treatment like a hair spa treatment to your hair.
    mina says :

    Hi,is monea hair rebond will be alright to use for a 12, 15 and 17 y.o ?
    Galega says :

    Prevention is Better than cure itself. I think that re bonding your hair at such an early age may trigger some unneccessities. I think its best to wait til the teen years.
    camille says :

    I ll just want to ask if its okay to use that product but my hair still rebonded? Thanks
    Galega says :

    Rebonded hair needs a lot more attention and care than your regular hair. If your hair is still rebonded, then I would suggest you to avoid the temptation of using another rebonding product. If there is necessity and you want to change the look of your hair, then please first consult a hair care expert.
    jessy says :

    Hello.i just bought one 2 weeks ago. I’m having doubts in using it at home since there is a warning inside that it is only for professional use.i want to ask if i can achieve good results even without hair spray and other mentioned products of monea and would use the monea hair rebond system alone.?thank you. .
    Galega says :

    Hair rebonding is not a simple procedure. It needs specialized attention. It is always recommended to have professional advise before you go for rebonding (at least, mandatory for the first time user). And, you should follow all procedure, including using all products of Monea that comes with the pack.
    Silent25 says :

    I used the product and sadly my hair becomes dry and frizzy .my hair before was maneagable and soft now that product ruined my hair :’(
    awezome.writer says :

    It’s sad that you experienced that. You might have done something which made your hair frizzy and dry. After getting your hair rebonded, there are actually certain things/activities that you need to avoid like not wetting/shampooing your hair for 2 days after the rebond, never swim in the pool or within 1 month and you should use hair treatment at least once a week before to regain the hairs lost nutrients.
    ume says :

    i just had my hair colored last month, is this safe to use? thanks
    junmae replies :

    Yes it is because it is a rebonding system and not straightener so it wont harm hair even if you just had your hair colored.
    Vivien Alpuerto says :

    Rest your hair first. Ideally six months, even touch ups are not recommended. But if you really wish to continue then at least give you hair a one month rest. But this might lead to a serious hair damage later on (it is not yet visible on the first few months). Especially if you used colorants with ammonia or peroxide, I advice you not to use it immediately. Maybe you should consider other options, like the healthiest way to maintain colored hairs is through the use of keratin (salon or you can buy one in watsons, mercury, etc), they are treatments used to maintain a healthy looking colored hair, while giving you a straight and less frizzy hair. Not as straight as the rebond effect. But is better than risking to damage your hair. Keratin is quite expensive in salon, but you can buy keratin sachets in watsons, mercury, etc.
    ermi88 says :

    can it be bought at a drug store, like Mercury or Rose pharmacy?
    kay says :

    Hi ermi88. It is sometimes available in Mercury drugstores but I actually bought one and is mostly available in Hortaleza stores.
    Vivien Alpuerto says :

    Try at watsons and landmark.
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