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  • This album is actually divided into two parts, which is a pretty interesting decision

    • by mcguard85


      Skull and Bones is a remarkable record in that on this album Cypress Hill tried something they had never tried before, and yet there is such a strong sense that they know perfectly well what exactly they are doing, as if they had been doing it for years before. This album is actually divided into two parts, which is a pretty interesting decision. There are two thematic parts here. The first part consists of solely rap songs, whereas the second part, of hardcore songs that combine trash metal sound and hip hop rapping lines. It is an interesting decision to keep these sections apart from each other.

      On their next album, Stoned Raiders, the guys mix rap

      and rock songs, whereas here they keep them separate. It is interesting, even though it certainly undermines the unity of the album, making it feel like actually two releases: one, traditional Cypress Hill rap, and, the second one, more experimental. Both the rap and the rock sections work really well. They are completely different to each other, but they both work perfectly.

      The rap part has really good beats, fantastically wide and rich sound. The sound feels wide and sounds cool even by modern standards, even though the album was released thirteen years ago. Another Victory is a very powerful track. It has such a professional feeling in it.

      Even though Cypress Hill IV was a really good album, this album has some improvements of sound. The Skull part of this album should not be compared to Cypress Hill IV because the music has very different intentions. Skull is a very catchy record that consists of much lighter songs. These songs are more about celebration, whereas on Cypress Hill IV things were overall dark and the album was very serious indeed.

      On Another Victory the air of celebration is felt really well on this album. B-Real sounds truly victorious because he has well justified self-confidence in his ability. This dog is ready to fight. There are two songs on this record which are basically just two versions of the same song, and this song ...

      • Skull and Bones, 2000 Album by Cypress Hill
      is the biggest hit of the album.

      The tracks are Rap Superstar and Rock Superstar. Rock Superstar adds guitars and drums to the sound. This track is really great. It is very catchy and energetic, but at the same time the lyrics are very serious, and the whole song sounds kind of serious.

      The message of that song is how stardom, fame spoils people, turning them into ego-maniacs, as B-Real aptly puts it. Cuban Necktie is a really strong rap track. It sounds so threatening and aggressive, but also appealing on some level, because the violence is probably not meant seriously, but the artistic mood feels very genuine indeed. What U Want From Me has serious lyrics,

      and a very good beat, that sounded quite innovative for that time.

      We Live This S… is a really catchy song. It has such fantastic bass, and the chorus is very catchy indeed. I would give the rap songs on this album the grade of nine out of ten, whereas the rock tracks deserve no less than eleven out of ten. These songs are fabulous.

      It is so striking to find such great metal songs on an album by Cypress Hill. The guys have a really good sound. The songs have so much aggression, and such ringing and powerful guitars. In a way, Cypress Hill is the perfect band to incorporate rock into their rap.

      Skull and Bones is indeed, Another (BIG) Victory for Cypress Hill.

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