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  • This actually relates to my first hand experience when using this cushion
  • The cover can definitely be better built as right now it doesn't seem to be very well made
  • I know all products go through wear and tear, but I just hope that this cushion can keep up for as long as possible

    • by MisterTickle


      I received the Comfy Cushion as a gift from a friend visiting and I have to say this is an As Seen On TV product that’s probably actually As Seen On TV! I’m not a big fan of these products as more often than not they are not “As Seen On TV”. Up until this point, I stand by this until now.

      Let’s start off with what this is exactly. Well, the bottom line is that it is a cushion. However, unlike your regular cotton or maybe polyester cushion, this one is slightly different featuring two pieces of hard foam with a flat packet of gel in between. This, is then setup by putting it in the cover that also comes with this product. Once this is done, it is ready to be used.

      Unlike a regular cushion, the Forever Comfy cushion features two hard foam and gel packet as mentioned earlier. To this point, I still don’t quite see the purpose of having the gel packet in between the two foam padding. I guess the

      same concept goes with shoes having gel interlaced with rubber in the soles. I took the cushion apart several times trying it out without the gel and then with the gel and to be honest I do not notice a difference. I’m not sure if the gel is just a sham to make me think that this cushion is to offer support or if it was actually thought through. Either way, I’m not off to a good start.

      Meanwhile, things do not get better especially for my initial view of the product. The assembly isn’t the greatest. What I mean by this is that the so called “soft fleece cover” is not a good fit. It took me a while to stuff the two pieces of foam padding and the gel in between them into the cover. I was afraid of ripping the cover, but luckily that did not happen. I was quite cautious of this part as not to do a rough job of it because I was concerned for the quality of the product, especially the cover.

      This brings me to my next point. The quality actually earns a few merits for being on my good side. I find that all the individual parts are well made in terms of materials. The gel packet is surrounded by a hard plastic like bag which gives me satisfaction that the chances of puncturing the bag are slim. Meanwhile, as for the foam, I was afraid that they would deplete after pro-longed use. As of right now, they are up to their standards. I mentioned earlier that there are two pieces of hard foam and by this I do mean it. The material is not the same as the foam in those so called memory pillows. This is actually hard foam. This actually relates to my first hand experience when using this cushion. Before moving on to my experience with the usage, there is the quality of the cover. Imagine an article of clothing such as socks washed in the washing machine several times. It eventually thins out and weakens the ...

      • As Seen On TV Forever Comfy Cushion
      structure with see-through patches. This is what I am reminded of with the cover. The cover can definitely be better built as right now it doesn’t seem to be very well made. Other than this, I find the cushion well made.

      Finally, my experience with the actual usage of the product. At first, this reminded me of the memory foam pillow except it is not the same. I stress again that this cushion has hard foam because it is not easy to make a dent or a mark in it. For a memory foam pillow, any pressure applied will be absorbed and kept in that shape. However, This is not so much the case with the cushion. In fact, it is almost as if I am sitting on a hard surface such as a wooden chair except for the fact that there is support. As a result this also helps with my posture. As I sit in front of the computer a lot, I sometimes develop lower back pain and even pain in my rear. This

      cushion provides the necessary comfort for sitting and working in front of a computer for a long time. However, I would like to remind that this does not mean I don’t have to get up from my seat and exercise.

      As for my final concern, even though I haven’t experienced this yet, I am worried that the foam will not hold up for long and eventually deplete. By this, I simply mean that the hard foam will become soft foam and be pushed down flat. I’ve experienced this with my memory foam pillow and I highly doubt this will not be the case with the cushion. I know all products go through wear and tear, but I just hope that this cushion can keep up for as long as possible. I guess in this case, the gel will add a level of support as to just how far the foam pads can retract and be compressed, but this is only my speculation. As for right now, this cushion is holding up nicely without any signs of weakened structure.

Azriel says :

This looks great. I am not sure if i have seen one around here though. Not even the home tv shopping in the country has offered this looks really comfortable and i really need one for the plastic monobloc chairs we have. Does the foam stay in shape or gets “inflated” fast?
Jennifer Davis says :

The foam is designed to act like a memory foam mattress. It will form to your body so parts of it may squish out in that way, but mostly it stays firm and supportive for a long time. My mother-in-law has one and it has lasted her almost three years. It is probably getting time to replace hers though because the last month or so pieces of the foam have been flaking off. The Walmart near me sells them for $ 14.99 in their ” as seen on tv” section so that’s probably where we will get ours. If you have a Walmart near you I would suggest looking there or at Bed, Bath and Beyond. We have seen them there as well.
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