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  • Maybe it can last a day if you are lucky, but definitely not for me
  • I'm actually somewhat disappointed with the video playback
  • As for music support, all my files are in MP3 format so this isn't a problem
  • As far as this goes, I would not recommend subscribing to a data usage package
  • I thought this feature was pretty neat, but then again what are the chances I'm going to be taking pictures in the dark

    • by MisterTickle


      I can’t believe I’m actually getting my hands on a HTC Windows Phone 8X. I’m usually not a Windows Phone fan as I mainly stick with Android. However, it certain situations, the Windows Phone may work in my advantage especially with the unstable Android applications that drain a lot of battery and just refuse to end, even when manually killed.

      Here is just a brief overview of what you are receiving. This phone has a 4.3 inch touch screen. I find that this is enough even though other phone brands, especially Samsung are switching over to even larger screens at even 4.8 inches. However,I really don’t see the need and 4.3 inches is a good fit. Also, tiles on the Windows Phone operating system is very space efficient. Unlike regular applications, the size of the tiles vary so it they can be easily enlarged to improve the hit registration and improve accuracy. To me, this is probably one of the major advantages, not the hardware, but the software customization

      option. Also, apparently the “iconic design” is a feature that is being advertised. The curved backing does look nice, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying that this is a real feature. However, it’s just important to keep in mind when purchasing a phone sleeve or a rubberized casing that the casing must be curved as well for a perfect fit. The performance based tech specs are decent actually. The Qualcomm dual core processor clocked at 1.5GHz gets the job done for basic multitasking. My primary concern is the battery. I’m actually not too happy with it.

      The battery specification shows a 1800 mAH rechargeable battery. The juice it provides may be sufficient if you are a very light user. Maybe it can last a day if you are lucky, but definitely not for me. The battery lasts closer to just six hours on a single charge. Don’t get me wrong, this is after charging the battery for a whole night, or about ten hours or so. I mainly multitask switching between listening to audiobooks, watching TV shows, gamin, and web browsing on the go. I hardly ever use it for calling now. I haven’t tested the approximate duration of the battery when using the phone just for calling, but I would say it is much longer than six hours as the phone is basically dark until needed to be used. Since I use this phone for multimedia purposes a lot, this has a huge impact on the battery.

      Speaking of multimedia, I actually mainly watch TV shows and occasional movie. I usually just listen to audiobooks on the bus, but everywhere else are videos. I’m actually somewhat disappointed with the video playback. This phone only accepts WMV and a few version of MPEG including MP4, M4V, and a couple of others. This is about it. I would really hope to be able to play AVI format, but not possible through the phone’s own player. In order to do so requires bypassing the default player and getting another ...

      • HTC Windows Phone 8X
      one that supports more format. This is quite inconvenient as I have to choose between which player to use. Instead of just accessing a video, I have to launch the player first and then select the video to play. As for music support, all my files are in MP3 format so this isn’t a problem.

      It’s also too bad that this phone uses a HSPA+ connection rather than LTE. To be honest, in most cases the speed will fluctuate so you can’t really see how fast HSPA+ is and how fast LTE is. However, generally speaking, LTE is a lot faster than HSPA+, but it’s also more expensive. This is mainly the connectivity type. As far as this goes, I would not recommend subscribing to a data usage package. I guess this is mainly because you will suffer a bit with the connection. It is fast at around 21 MB/s theoretical speed, but still not worth paying the high price. I would probably just stick with connection in free

      networks/ hotspots. The wifi works just fine so I don’t mind this.

      Other than these two features, I would move on to the camera. The 8MP camera is pretty standard. I can’t really talk to much on the quality of the pictures. I wouldn’t say they are high quality, but not low quality either. It is just average. However, I noticed that this phone has a BSI Sensor designed for low light capture. I thought this feature was pretty neat, but then again what are the chances I’m going to be taking pictures in the dark. I’m not much of a photographer and don’t use my phone for social media purposes a lot so this feature is pretty much useless for me.

      Overall, I would recommend this phone. Although there are some drawbacks such as the battery mainly, but I would still recommend it. In my hands, the phone feels very durable. The materials are very well used and high quality. The screen is also Gorilla Glass 2 so which also adds to the durability.

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