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  • I think that it contains very catchy songs, songs with quite strong melodies
  • Liam Gallagher is one of the best vocalists of all time, in the whole world, and this record is his best
  • Now I know all the lyrics by heart, and can sing all the songs on guitar

    • by mcguard85


      This album is fantastic. This record sold really well and it is considered one of the most important music albums of the 1990s. I like this album. I think that it contains very catchy songs, songs with quite strong melodies. However, I do not appreciate the arrangements of this album that much. The sound is very loud, but I do not think that this is a very well balanced sound. Now that I think of it, I think that I cant remember any one time and instance when I listened to this record from beginning to end in one go. This record is difficult to listen to in this way.

      The guitars are so loud, and they are just in the same register, and they are too loud. They do not have balance. The bass line does not balance the guitars that well. And the overall feeling is

      that this sound is way too imposing. I do not know if some people might enjoy such a sound arrangement. I personally do not. By the way, on the next record they did add a more prominent bass line; the drums were recorded in a little bit of a different way, so the next album, Be Here Now was a lot more pleasant to listen to as far as sound is concerned.

      The vocalist of Oasis is of course the world famous Liam Gallagher. He is a great vocalist. His voice has real power, and I think that on this album he is at his best. Liam Gallagher is one of the best vocalists of all time, in the whole world, and this record is his best. This should indicate slightly what this album is like. It is great. Liam has a voice that is very strong.

      He has raw power and force of the vocal delivery. And his voice is also very pleasant. The timbre of the voice is very appealing. Liam singing is a great combination of force and quality. When the younger brother Liam is the singer, the older brother Noel is the song-writer. And here, I will raise it up a notch, the praise and description of this album. As I said above, Liam is one of the best singers in history, and this album is his best.

      Noel is one of the best song-writers in history, and on this album he is at his best. I mean, I have a double attitude to Noel Gallagher as a song-writer. And he is responsible for that. What evidence do I have of his song-writing skills? There are the three first Oasis albums. All three of these albums are almost equally great. Then there ...

      • (Whats the Story) Morning Glory 1995 Album by Oasis
      was the album called Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, and that album was OK, a collection of average to poor songs. But what followed afterwards, it makes me feel sorry to think about what followed afterwards.

      All his albums past 2000 are really, really poor. He was writing such mediocre, unpleasant, weak songs that all the Oasis albums were such a letdown. But, this album, the 1995 album is a classic. It is great. Here all the songs are such hits, it would be redundant to describe them. If you do not know these songs, you are guilty, you are to blame. You ought to know these songs.

      My personal favorites are Hello, Wonderwall, Dont Look Back in Anger, Hey Now, Cast No Shadow, Morning Glory and Champagne Supernova. Isnt it remarkable that I have named seven out of actually ten songs on the album. The total

      number of songs is twelve, but two of them are just brief untitled instrumentals. This album is one of the first I ever owned. It actually first belonged to my father. He brought it from abroad in mid 1990s. And I remember I listened to the songs even then, but then all the songs were rather too hard for me.

      No wonder, since I was only about six years old. I only vividly remember that I was plainly afraid of the title track, and track 11, there were some scary sounding effects there. But the only song I did appreciate at the time was the last one, Champagne Supernova. This is a track which is soft, melodic, and I used to listen to it a lot when I was a kid. Now I know all the lyrics by heart, and can sing all the songs on guitar. I love it. This is a really great album.

Brian Green says :

got to say I really appreciate and enjoy reading your well written album reviews.
This album always takes me straight back to a great time in my life and the songs have become real anthems. I can sing along to everyone badly but i can do it

Andy Brown says :

You’re not the only one Don’t Look Back in Anger has been a special song to me for many years now. I like Noel’s voice a lot more than Liam’s, which just makes DLBiA even better. The video doesn’t hurt, either

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