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      I recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. A few weeks after giving birth, I noticed the stretch marks and scars I incurred during my pregnancy. I had stretch marks on my upper leg part and a very awful scratch mark on the skin in my belly located on the left and right side of my navel.

      These specific stretch marks are the most noticeable ones.

      They were very dark and looks like claw marks.

      I enjoy showing off my body and this scars are definitely something I could not be proud of. Good thing I discovered Contractubex.

      This products comes in gel form and is applied liberally to the scarred area. The product works from within.

      By applying the gel to the scarred area, the active ingredients present in the gel ( Extractum cepae,Heparin and Allantoin ) seeks it way through the root of the scar. The itching of the scar was the first thing that disappeared.

      My scar also started to lighten and the skin surrounding the scar as well as the scar becomes smoother and softer. In two weeks my scar turned reddish in color and at present, after two months of using Contractubex, my scar is ...

      • Contractubex Scar Remover
      already pinkish in color.

      I know this specific scar of mine will take years before being completely removed. Unlike my pimple scars which are completely invisible after 3 weeeks of using Contractubex, the scars I have in my stomach are much severe.

      At first, I was skeptical with the product because I saw it in a television advertisement wherein a woman who’s scar was from a clinical

      operation got removed completely. I had no choice so I bravely purchased a 10ml tube that costs around 25$.

      I apply the gel once after taking a bath in the morning and at night before going to sleep. After a week of using it, I knew my 25$ did not go to waste.

      I am on my second tube now and I do believe in the effectiveness of the product.

Olive says :

Being a woman is difficult. You need to look good in order for a guy to like you. Next, you need to be intellectual for you to be able to establish good rapport. Next, you have to be well mannered to be able to impress and get the yes or the approval of your future in-laws. Then you get married and have children. That is usually the process for a lady s life.

It sounds difficult right? But there is more difficult than that. Removing the scars after giving birth Yes indeed Gentlemen, women also wants to remove those scars.

The real essence of being a woman is becoming or being a mom. It is the most rewarding job in the whole wide world. It is a 24/7 job and no holidays, no sick leave and most of all no vacation leave. But it is the only job in the world I don t want to quit and I don t want to loose. Yes, I am a mom and my life process as a woman isn t the same as the one written above. I had my share of experiences as well. With these experiences, giving birth was the best. With giving birth comes a great scar. I used Contractubex after I gave birth. I thank God because the healing was fast and no obvious visible scars can be seen. Contractubex was highly recommended by my OB and it really does work. My children loves running and playing outdoors and they fall sometimes and get wounded but I m not scared because I have antiseptic ready and Contractubex in our First Aid kit.

I highly recommend Contractubex to mommies like me. It pays off to be ready.
Joie Gahum replies :

At first it was really not a big deal for me to see the scars and the lines that came with pregnancy. however, I would want to build my confidence back to what it was before when it comes to my body. Exercise, proper diet and taking care of our skin, without compromising my duties as a wife and as a mother is something I think I deserve. That is why I really believe in this product.
Trayon Thomas says :

I had a pretty bad accident from a car crash and left a really bad scar on my arm. I searched for any product that can at least make my scar look less ugly. Then I found a miracle in a bran called Contractubex it made my scar look like it wasn’t even there. This product actually works and I would tell everyone about it don’t believe me try it for yourself.
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