The Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins
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  • I read this book because I love to read and it was hugely popular, so I figured I had to stay current and see what all the fuss was about
  • But, other than that, I wasn't all that impressed
  • I enjoyed the book, but didn't get excited
  • But I don't see how it's this amazing thing that everyone raves about
  • You just won't find me raving about it, because I don't think it's rave-worthy

    • by Laura

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      I read this book because I love to read and it was hugely popular, so I figured I had to stay current and see what all the fuss was about. Like many, I was skeptical at first because the concept basically surrounded the idea of kids killing other kids, which just didn’t sound nice at all.

      What I will say is that the story interested me, and I

      read the whole thing fairly quickly because it held my attention well enough. I was invested in the lives of the characters. I wanted to know what happened next. And I was pleasantly surprised at the way the author presented the premise. It wasn’t the heartless, edgy, murderous book that all the preconceived notions about it entail. Of course, these were still themes, but it wasn’t a book written for the purpose of being those things. It was actually tasteful. I was glad to see that.

      But, other than that, I wasn’t all that impressed. There was nothing special in the writing itself, and while the story and plot intrigued me, I didn’t find it astounding or monumental. I enjoyed the book, but didn’t get excited. The ...

      • The Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins
      characters were likable, a few of them especially so, but I didn’t fall head over heels for them. I didn’t ache for them.

      I will say that it was good enough to warrant reading the sequels, and good enough also that I was excited to see the movie when it came out. But I don’t see how it’s this amazing thing that everyone raves about. It’s

      fine. It’s good. But it’s not this spectacular thing, and it does irritate me a little bit that something of this grade can become so incredibly popular, while other profound or stunning works get overlooked.

      Overall, I would probably go ahead and recommend that someone read it, because it was enjoyable, and I’m enjoying the sequel. You just won’t find me raving about it, because I don’t think it’s rave-worthy.

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The Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins
Glenda Malig-on says :

I love reading books especially those that are packed with adventures and great settings and story. This is what I saw from the book The Hunger Games. The story is so unique and you could easily picture the scenes out from reading the story.I love the character of Katniss, whose love from her sister posed her to be in serious danger or worse,death.She emerged as a victor, not only in winning the game and achieving wealth but also of respect and recognition. I also love how the author tell the story in words. Suzanne Collins is a brilliant author and definitely the best in our time.
Donovan says :

Great read I suggest this trilogy for anyone who hasn’t already read it.
shannon says :

Everyone in my household read these books and we all thought they were very good. I thought the blast line in the last book was probably one of the best closing lines ever.
Saskun says :

I was horrified when this movie was put on by my 12 year old brother and he told me what it was about. Ho ever, as I watched, I found myself quite fascinated and ended up buying the books - this was the first and only time that I read a series of books 4 times.

I absolutely loved the books. I loved the characters and I loved how the author manage to describe everything in a way that made you feel you were right there with our heroine It had me on the edge of my seat chewing my nails the first time round, and, although there was a bit of an unexpected tragedy, I loved how it played out and how the author concluded it.

I would most certainly recommend this book along with The Hunt series by Andrew Fukuda which is very similar, but instead of children, your pursuers are blood and flesh thirsty vampires
Tasha says :

re : But, other than that, I wasn’t all that impressed
I agree with you. I absolutely loved the first book, but after that, I feel they were rushed. I loved that they all had a larger plot, but the author could have done better at writing it. With all that said, I still claim to be a fan, and I can’t wait to watch the latest movie.
kaitleigh says :

At first, I was skeptical about this book. Sometimes just because a book is popular doesn t mean its actually good. I gave it a shot anyway though and I don t regret it one bit I honestly loved everything about the first installment. Now I m sure of course you know the plot line but just in case. It based in a hellish future where most of the world was taken out. There are 12 districts and the capital Panem. Now the one thing I love so much about the book was the work she created. it s primitive and futuristic all at once. Most of the districts live in poverty and the rich that live in the capital Panem. The people in the capital and the districts had a war long ago and the capital won. Now to celebrate that victory every year they have the hunger games. They take a boy and girl, between 12 and 18, from each district and have them fight to the death until there is only one left standing. The story follows a girl by the name of Katness. she is getting ready for the day they pick the kid to fight in the games called the reaping. When it comes time to call the names her sister Primrose. She loves her sister so but that she volunteers at her sister s place. That where everything gets crazy. I won t spoil all of it. The storyline is easy and flows. This book also makes you feel so deep. It s not something that happens with a book. So in conclusion. I think it is a must-read.
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