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  • I thought the preceding action on the part of Ike
  • I think you must view “New Jerusalem knowing it is, once again, more about the behaviors of each of the two lonely men

    • by Brynn Bowery

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      The film’s storyline is about two men: lonely and somewhere in their 30s. The one man is undergoing a human crisis. The character is an Irishman named Sean Murphy (played by: Colm O’Leary.) O’Leary served with the United States National Guard while in Afghanistan. He now makes his residence in Virginia. He works alongside Ike Evans (played by: Will Oldham.) The two men are employed at a store which sells used tires in Richmond, Virginia. The name of the store is: “Tires $10 and Up.” Ike is rightfully concerned about Sean’s emotional state. It appears to Ike that Sean is somewhat depressed; and unable to come completely “out of his shell.” The viewing audience witnesses a scene: where Ike; outside of a restroom—in hesitant fashion: knocks on the door making inquiry as to whether the other man is alright.

      In answer to the inquiry: Sean is definitely not alright. In fact, he is tearful. Ike looks

      continually worried anyway. We, as the audience, get the idea that Ike—a practicing Christian–wants to come to Sean’s aide. Naturally, as part of Ike’s practice as a Christian, what precluded it was: Ike’s salvation by way of Christ. He assures the despondent man that Jesus can do the same for him.

      They exchange dialogue about the purpose behind men taking the lives of others during a militaristic conflict. However, do not let the dialogue; just explained confuse you as the reader of this review: because the movie’s storyline is not about war. No: rather the movie is about the spreading of Christianity. Ike places his attention on the despondent, sad Sean with great enthusiasm. He believes Sean is a strong candidate for salvation.

      As viewing audience too: We observe a bit of each of the men’s singular lives. In example, Sean resides in a dwelling, very standard and cottage-style. It has minimal furnishings. He does have a sound system and a pet feline or cat. Sean it appears is greatly concerned about taking good care of his pet: even more so than himself. He, once and awhile, does lunch with Ike as well as other men who have been saved by Christ. The men, as might be expected, say grace before they partake in Lunch. Also, as a side note: There is not one female in the movie; that is, except for one cashier working at a convenience retailer.

      Ike eventually takes Sean to a church service on a Sunday. Sean is starting to become a little better as far as his inward despondency: he starts to clap to the rhythm of a Gospel song. He even makes himself smile. The preceding scene needless to say is most encouraging. The two men spend a great deal of time in coffee klatch venues. Sean’s lack of emotional vitality, again, is most apparent. Ike with some reservation “reaches out” to console ...

      • New Jerusalem - A dramatic movie
      Sean. Also, after the church service, Ike washes the feet of Sean; however, Sean is not Okay with it. I thought the preceding action on the part of Ike: a bit odd.

      The two men argue between each other about the efficacy of Sean’s prescription for his depression in opposition of the healing power of Christ. Ike is insistent that the only way Sean will be able to rid himself of his depressive state is by becoming personally acquainted with Christ.

      As a side observation: The acting of each man appears internalized. I do not think either of them seem outwardly happy. The film’s storyline does not take sides, if you will, with either man. I view it as a very concentrated observation of each man and their respective rather non-productive existences in a somewhat run-down retail venue. The store too is located next to a roadway. The film: I think is sorrowful; and free of commotion.

      The director of this

      movie is also responsible for another movie titled: “The Comedy”. “The Comedy” presents in a totally dissimilar fashion to that of “New Jerusalem”. “The Comedy” is rather empty of any type of kindness, and is highly ostentatious.

      The film, “New Jerusalem” is alright enough. In other words, I have no complaints with it. However, I feel about as “quiet” about it; as it is quiet—if that makes any sense. I think you must view “New Jerusalem” knowing it is, once again, more about the behaviors of each of the two lonely men; and the setting which they occupy. The film’s story, as previously alluded, does not come to any type of conclusion with regard to either man.

      Acting cast includes: Ike Evans played by: Will Oldham.

      Sean Murphy played by: Colm O’Leary.

      The film’s distribution company is: Factory 25.

      The film is directed by Rick Alverson.

      The movie is written by Rick Alverson and Colm O’Leary.

      The Run time is approximately: One and one-half hours.

Andrew Leaither says :

As a side observation: The acting of each man appears internalized. I liked this part of your review. New Jerusalem, sounds great and entertaining. Two men in their 30’s and how they manage through life. I thought that on reading your review, it made me think that this movie is positive and I will watch it. You have given it scope and depth to a great review and quality
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