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  • Unfortunately, when some devastating events occur or about to occur
  • Naturally the best way to evaluate the statement

    • by Brynn Bowery

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      Armageddon is a very chaotic film. Certainly the subject-matter warrants it. Suffice it to say: your brain and all of your visual senses will have a workout. In order that you have no preconceived notions about the movie: just know the best advice is: that you “enter” in your viewing with an open mind. An open mind is a pre-requisite to positive viewing of the film. There are many action scenes so the movie requires “you stay on your toes,” in a matter of speaking. In other words, “Stay Alert!”

      Bruce Wills plays an oil driller. He is commissioned to lead two groups on an urgent mission. The object of the mission is to destroy an enormous asteroid. The asteroid is about to come head-to-head with Planet Earth. The asteroid poses a problem; naturally in that it will annihilate all life (as we know it). The mission crew’s job is: They are to drill an eight-hundred foot hole subsequently stuffing it with an explosive. The explosive is meant to blast the asteroid before it takes out the inhabitants of planet earth.

      The mission: Yes—is critical and the action quite intense. Where the viewer is wise to develop an open mind is:

      knowing the crew realizes it is important to destroy the entire asteroid. If a piece of it were left—this is hypothetical of course: it could still pose problems. However, the mission crew evidently has an explosive device powerful enough to take care of the asteroid in whole: Thank goodness for modern technology! (That is: as far as the film is concerned.)

      Scientists know humongous asteroids would probably not be able to generate much in the way of gravitational pull especially if it is outside of range: It is after all celestial in nature. It is floating in a haphazard way, supposedly, then heads straight-on; relentlessly toward the planet. How it manages to head to Planet Earth in this fashion is anyone’s guess: Suffice it to say, maybe there is some evil villainous organization behind the whole thing. Maybe this villainous group has generated some sort of magnetism that draws the enormous asteroid toward the planet. (The film’s storyline certainly does not suggest such a thing: however, it is offered up as we need to know why: the earth is subject to “Asteroid” devastation.) The action is great with regard to the Asteroid: It is shifts continually

      Charlton Heston starts the film out. He is the narrator. Heston tells the story of how a certain asteroid took out the Dinosaurs. (That speculatively explains it!) Once more: an open mind is relative. Of course, suffice it to say, we have not been schooled to believe an asteroid brought the dinosaurs to extinction: This narration by Heston is purely theoretical. However, Heston’s narration starts off the movie well enough. We are then advised by way of “title card” that it is sixty-five million years later!

      The next scene shows an astronomer who notices the object. There are top administrative meetings held at the Pentagon as to what to do about the celestial object. Naturally, The White House becomes part of the administrative process as well about: what to do about the Asteroid.

      Billy Bob Thornton plays the Head of Mission Control inside of Houston, Texas. Naturally there are screens used for observing the asteroid gone severely out of control.

      Some of the scenes show regular type of persons. Their lives are scheduled to take a turn due to what is coming. The dialogue goes along with the action; and the secondary storylines with respect to these everyday type characters.

      The template for Sci-Fi disaster movies ...

      • Armageddon Sci Fi Action Disaster Movie
      is generally partially comprised of everyday persons experiencing everyday type events. These little stories inside the story add to the movie—of course. In example, there is one scene wherein two tourists from Japan are inside a New York taxicab. Meteorites or basically rocks from outer space turn the entirety of the avenue into an area of devastation. There are fires round and about the street as well. The woman is in denial: She complains she wants to go shopping. Unfortunately, when some devastating events occur or about to occur: some people take this stance. In real life: an entire city may be boarded up due to the expectation of a hurricane or “Other Act of Nature: and there is still the occasional shopper who stands outside the door at a prime retailer: contemplating why she is unable to attain access—this goes without saying.

      In the interim, there are some romantic scenes relative to everyday people. Two characters involved together are Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler. The actress plays the daughter of Bruce Willis’s character. Ben is Willis’s best worker. Bruce realizes his daughter is involved with Ben’s character. He subsequently comes after Ben’s character, attempting to take him out—well, partially. He

      definitely is trying to shoot Ben.

      A helicopter arrives in order to take Bruce on the mission. The purpose of the helicopter is to transport him to the mainland. Bruce’s character is insistent upon using only his own oil drilling crew; particularly Affleck whom Willis’s character views not only as his best driller, but also as somewhat of a son to him. The “son” bit, too, means Liv and Ben must eventually part ways.

      The movie comes with many clicking down to Zero bomb scenes. Again, there is much high-level action and tension. The film too is a loud Sci-Fi adventure. However, toward the movie’s end: the movie de-accelerates a bit.

      Many critics have inferred the movie will “eradicate” your sense: in order to dramatize the film’s level of intensity. Naturally the best way to evaluate the statement: Is to view the film in its entirety.

      Primary members of cast include: Bruce Willis as: Harry S. Stamper.

      Billy Bob Thornton as: Dan Truman.

      Ben Affleck as: A. J. Frost.

      Liv Tyler as: Grace Stamper.

      Will Patton as: “Chick” Chapple.

      The persons credited for the film’s creation follow.

      The film is directed by: Michael Bay.

      The film’s writers include: Jonathan Hensleigh; J.J. Abrams.

      The run time is nearly Two Hours.

      Sci-Fi, Disaster, and Action film.

susan nowak says :

This was a real good movie seen it many times, will make you cry if your like me, and like love storys, they are all good actors in the movie all of them, not a bad one among them. one of those movies that are face paced, with real good acting. I wasn’t in to ben affleck ever, but this movie made me change my mind about him. Liv tyler is great actress, so is bruce willis, and all the other actors are great as well. I have liked him since the moonlighting days back when. smiles anyway good movie to watch I give it a 10, good to watch with your husband or boyfriend, or girlfriends. it is the type of movie you will watch more than once, and thee music is good also in it.
slynnnowak says :

Yes it was a good one did your wife like it how many times have you seen it_?
Jason Turpin says :

re : Naturally the best way to evaluate the statement
Armageddon still remains one of my favorite Sci Fi/Action movies. I’ve watched it over eight times and it still captures my interest. Especially the scenes where time is almost up to detonate the nuke and the team seems to be falling a part.

A good tale of human behavior when people are desperate they will be very selfish in thinking about their own survival.
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