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  • The film experience of Skyfall, I think is totally vigorous
  • In “Skyfall” he operates a massive Caterpillar—which I thought was quite unexpected and very creative on the part of the film’s makers

    • by Brynn Bowery

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      The film experience of Skyfall, I think is totally vigorous; and energizing for the audience member. It was for me: that is certain. I believe: Daniel Craig in the role of Bond is a Bond character that continues to grow on you–for certain. At first I was not so sure about him; however, with each Bond movie I become more and more appreciative of Daniel Craig in his role as James Bond. “Quantum of Solace” played in 2008 and I do not believe was as vigorous or active as: “Skyfall”. In fact, “Skyfall” allows us to take a look at the character of Bond at yet another angle. The film, if it were a wine, would be considered very full-bodied. James Bond is very much an iconic film figure. I think Craig played his role very well in his prior Bond film titled: “Casino Royale” and he is every bit as good in “Skyfall”. I think he surpasses his performance as Bond in “Quantum of Solace” in comparison to the current Bond film by leaps and bounds. That is, he acts as master of his character in “Skyfall” without any trepidation whatsoever. I was not

      ready for a Bond this appreciatively well played: I am not certain what it is I wished to see out of James Bond in “Skyfall”; however, Craig played the role very well and at “full tilt”.

      During the film’s opening we see James Bond and another secret agent chasing a thief in Istanbul. The man has stolen a hard drive with critical information. Naturally, there are a number of vendor carts knocked over. Next: Bond is running atop of a train. Certainly, the “007” fan knows James Bond is capable of the operational aspect of any manner of equipment; machinery. In “Skyfall” he operates a massive Caterpillar—which I thought was quite unexpected and very creative on the part of the film’s makers. He continues the chase scene by taking a flat of cars: crushing them to extinction.

      Judi Dench as agent M; and quite serious-minded makes an extraordinary decision. M has her other agent in the field, Eve (played by Naomie Harris) shoot Bond. Eve has both Bond and an enemy agent in sight; pointing her firearm toward them. The enemy spy is using “007” as a shield. M (again Judi Dench) instructs the spy-shooter to: “Take the Shot!” Bond, it appears folds in way of the shot fired: It looks as though he has taken his “final fall” as a result. However, keep in mind the scene takes place within the earliest portion of “Skyfall” so I in the back of my mind am reasonably certain that Bond has not “shoved off for good”—and I think other persons watching this movie alongside me; think so too. In the end: I and other movie watchers who are viewing the film “Skyfall” with me are right: Bond is still alive! Nevertheless, I would not expect anything less, such as the scene just described in a James Bond movie.

      Agent M (Judi Dench) starts composition of the obit of James Bond. Suffice it to say, M is now even more mature than in other Bond movies and her new superior, Mallory (played by Ralph Fiennes); conducts a public hearing requiring M to act in defense of her position. He believes it is time for M to retire so to speak from her career.

      M is not ready to act as the old gray mare: and move on to the countryside; outside of public life.

      • Skyfall movie
      Dench puts on an outstanding performance as M. She is seen quite frequently in the film; is provided with heartily “food for thought” dialogue. Her personage is quite a bit more complicated than any audience member has anticipated. She is also, quite unexpectedly, a very sympathetic sort of character. Dench, in her mature role as agent M once again provides a very good performance: and shows her range as a very talented actress.

      Sam Mendes is the film’s director; and Mendes performs a very credible job in directing the actors. The film is written by: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan. All three men are not lightweights when it comes to writing. The character of Bond is well above-average; and the film’s content is just as superior as the characterization of “007.” Also: if you have not watched a Bond movie in decades: you may wish to watch “007” once more with the movie: “Skyfall”.

      The films “mean guys and ladies are just awful personages: so this makes the film all the better. It is just not a great James Bond movie without really, really “bad” bad guys and women. In example,

      there is a blondish computer wizard who steals the drive which contains the true identities of each MI6 agent: he is truly awful!

      The Bond in this movie is reinvented; although, Bond fans are allowed to hold a great deal of adoration for the “old Bond.” The film does not come without a hint of nostalgia: there is a glimpse of the Aston Martin DB5 from the Bond “Goldfinger” movie. The Aston Martin DB5 is still drivable! (Nice touch, I think!)

      The character of James Bond is reinvented in such a way that his character is sure to serve his viewing audience for well over another five decades. Is that not an awesome thought?!

      Cast of Actors and Actresses:

      James Bond is played by: Daniel Craig.

      M is played by: Judi Dench.

      Silva is played by: Javier Bardem.

      Mallory is played by: Ralph Fiennes.

      Eve is played by: Naomie Harris.

      Q is played by: Ben Whishaw.

      Kincade is played by: Albert Finney.

      Film’s distributor is: Columbia Pictures.

      Film’s director is: Sam Mendes.

      Writers are: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan.

      Film’s characters are based on: Bond books by Ian Fleming.

      The film’s run time is: Two hours and 23 minutes.

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