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  • I don't believe the price is bad when you consider it's overall capabilities
  • The steering column lacks the stiffness of others that I've used, which makes the experience a lot better
  • It does such an amazing job of cutting grass
  • I love it because I know I can always get evenly cut, magnificent grass
  • It's such a great lawn tractor, and I would highly recommend it to anybody

    • by Jules Li


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      We reached the point where we wanted a more efficient way to cut grass, so we purchased this lawn tractor. There aren’t a lot of high performance lawn tractors on the market that you can get for a reasonable price, so I’m glad I came across the LTS 500. Along with it’s high points, it does have it’s flaws and downsides. We’ll get to those in a moment. However, it’s precise cutting and performance leaves my fairly satisfied. If you’re interested in finding this particular model, you should know that they are sold at Lowe’s. It’s priced at 600 dollars. I don’t believe the price is bad when you consider it’s overall capabilities.

      Next, I want to address it’s ease of operation! Very responsive and accurate steering. The steering column lacks the stiffness of others that I’ve used, which makes the experience a lot better. The cutting range is 1.5 to 4 inches. It does such an amazing job of cutting grass! There

      are actually two individual blades that make up it’s deck. I love it because I know I can always get evenly cut, magnificent grass. I’m able to evenly cut grass between 4-5 feet without issue. One of the more tricky aspects for me was getting used to the reverse system. It’s slightly different from what I’m normally used to. The ignition switch has to be adjusted to ROS, and then you have to proceed to putting the gear in reversed. When I first bought it, I spend a lot of time trying to figure this out.

      This is a very powerful lawn mower! It’s’ a 17.5 HP. I’m repeatedly impressed by it’s power. I do want to provide a few tips related directly to it’s HP. The 17.5 HP is certainly advantageous, but it does have a slight downside. I would highly discourage you from taking off with the throttle at full speed. I have been able to do so appropriately with other mowers, but this one is slightly different. If you do so you’ll actually notice that the front ends pops up off the ground. I would suggest gradually adjusting the throttle once you’re in motion.

      The seat is adjustable, which is a plus. It’s a range of approximately 24-48 inches between the steering wheel and the seat. When it’s extended entirely, there’s a ton of space, so I’m sure it can support most people comfortably. I should mention that I also like the design of the seat. The seat is constructed using vinyl plastics. It’s not only durable, but it’s also comfortable.

      It comes equipped with an operator’s presence switch, which I really like as a concept. The bottom of the seat is designed with a mechanism that comes in contact with the battery. This in a way let’s it know when you’re onboard. Due to this feature, you always have to sit back on the seat entirely during start-up. It requires the additional pressure, and I’ve ...

      • Craftsman LTS 1500 Lawn Tractor
      noticed that it can become somewhat erratic when the seat is extended fully. The sensor mechanism is located towards the front of the seat, so there is a bit less contact when the seat is all the way back.

      Easy to access air filter, makes maintenance easier. I love it because the filter cover has tabs, so it doesn’t require any tools to swap the filter. The backscreen that actually holds the filter in place does have a tendency to fall out. During replacements you should ensure that it’s properly placed, or the cover won’t align properly.

      Now, I want to address some of it’s downsides. One minor issue that I’ve noticed occurs when trying to shift it into neutral when it’s not running. The gear mechanism for neutral tends to occasionally stick, which means you have to repeatedly shift it in order for it to be recognized. I do see this as a significant issue, because I’ve noticed the same thing on many others. Another complaint that

      I have is about the motor’s noise level. It’s about as loud as an mower that I’ve used. I know all lawn tractors are noisy, but there seems to be significantly more rattling in the engine’s ventilation. Without using a meter, I would rank it around 88 dB. I would certainly recommend using earplugs or headphones during use. The headlights are also a lot dimmer than I would expect. The light expands about 5 feet, which is somewhat of a disappointment. The clutch is a bit sensitive. I believe it could be improved by adding some leeway, which could cause it to gradually stop and start, without doing so instantly.

      Finally, I want to state that I have not had to replace any parts such far, which is a huge plus. I’ve owned and used it regularly for two years, so I’m impressed to know that I haven’t had to replace anything so far. It’s such a great lawn tractor, and I would highly recommend it to anybody!

janeaustenfan says :

I really liked your review. It was informative and interesting. There were a few typo’s but the review was great. I have the same mower and your are definitely right about the noise it is very loud.

Would you be so kind as to read a few of my reviews and tell me what you think? My penname is janeaustenfan. Thank you for posting this review, I look forward to reading more of your stuff.
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