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  • Stephen Fry appeared in the film as a supporting actor and I found his character to be very well developed and enjoyable
  • I highly recommend V for Vendetta to anyone

    • by ZOey7879

      I absolutely love V for Vendetta!

      V for Vendetta is a politically charged action film starring Natalie Portman, John Heard, Stephen Fry, and Stephen Root. Hugo Weaving stars as V, the victim of a grand politically supported medical experiment gone wrong, who becomes a masked vigilante.

      Set in England, in the not so distant future, V attempts to

      bring justice and awareness to a country living in fear of persecution. Dictator Chancellor Adam Sutler has made the people’s worst nightmares come true by controlling television, the media, and free movement of the people. V gains the attention of Evey, portrayed by Portman, and together they seek to bring hope to the people of England so that they will rise in the face of oppression.

      V for Vendetta is an amazing film! This movie features something for everyone: Action, suspense, romance, and even a bit of comedy. Portman delivers a skilled performance as Evey. Weaving, unrecognizable beneath the Guy Fawkes mask that he was as V, moves with the fluidity that he delivered in ...

      • V for Vendetta movie
      the role for which he is best known - The Matrix’s Agent Smith.

      The visual effects in V for Vendetta are superb as are the action sequences. The dialogue is creative and the characters are both memorable and believable. Stephen Fry appeared in the film as a supporting actor and I found his character to be very well

      developed and enjoyable. The plot is somewhat believable and despite the heavy political content, it is a film that I regularly enjoy watching with my young daughter.

      V for Vendetta is an eye opening film in this age where The Government and The People regularly challenge each other in argument of “rights.”

      I highly recommend V for Vendetta to anyone!

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Adam says :

I like this movie quite a bit I was a little “put off” by Natalie Portman’s accent at first but she pulls it off well enough to forget about it pretty quickly and just enjoy the movie for what it is. It feels political and clearly has a strong political message, which is usually a turn off for me but the characters (especially V) are interesting enough to watch and enjoy without feeling preachy. I usually judge a movie by it’s “re-watchability” and I have seen this one at least a dozen times

Alex says :

I had to watch this movie several times to fully realize its strength. This is the movie, that makes you think, being simple.

Its not highly popular in any country. Its not highly discussed. And it’s clear for me why? It doesn’t matter what country are you living in, what party leads the country, what goals are proclaimed by the country leaders, no matter what, this movie will be uncomfortable for the government.

I believe it must be promoted in any way possible. Between us, people.

Jennifer Davis says :

Hi Alex, I agree with you. One reason that it wasn’t overly popular here in the States was a lack of strong advertising for the movie. Also, I think that the conspiracy theorist tone of the movie scared some people away from it. I have seen it many times, but I do know people who refuse to watch it because of the fascist government that it depicts.

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