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  • The graphics are not the best for a game but are exceptional for an mmorpg allowing people with older systems to get in on the fun

    • by z.ram2696

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      I have been waiting a while to write a review on the massively multiplayer online role playing game (mmorpg) known as Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is a great game don’t get me wrong but it has its flaws just like every other video game out there whether it be World of Warcraft or Everquest.

      First of all, it is an MMORPG set in the Star Wars Universe created by the brilliant, George Lucas. It takes place 300 years before the Rise of Darth Vader. The game is $15 per month plus the base game itself which is around $50.00. There are two factions, the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire. The Galactic Republic is ruled by Satelle Shan and The Sith Empire ruled by Darth Malgus.Now let’s get on to the gameplay.

      There are 4 classes for both factions. The Galactic Republic has Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Smuggler, and

      Republic Trooper while the Sith Empire has Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Imperial Agent, and Bounty Hunter. There are a good variety of playable races from Humans to Sith Purebloods with 7 total. A new race is being released soon when the game goes Free to Play. There are 2 starting worlds for 2 of each faction and a unique storyline for each class including 1000s of side quests. There are 17 planets with several paths to choose and story quests allowing you to visit almost every planet. The game has an excellent combat system similiar to World of Warcraft and a brand new unique system for Agents and Smugglers similiar to Gears of War with cover and third-person shooting. The game allows you to get a ship unique to your class that will transport you from each planet to the other and allow you to speak to crew members, do ...

      • space missions, and just chill so you don’t get killed.

        Some problems with the game is the lack of activities once you complete the main storyline and side quests, there isn’t much to do except some space missions, flashpoints, operations and the few pvp warzones. The game lacks activities to hold the players in, it quickly dropped half of it’s population and remains low on subscribers due to the massive amount of servers and lack of activities to keep you busy.

        The Galaxy of Star Wars: The Old Republic is a beautiful with unique environments ranging from the toxic wastes of Taris to the gang infested streets of Nar Shaadaa to the dry deserts of Tatooine. The graphics are not the best for a game but are exceptional for an mmorpg allowing people with older systems to get in on the fun. The game has main hubs with auction houses,

        banks, and vendors such as Coruscant and Kaas City. Some problems with the enviroments is that the planets are very small. You can explore a small portion of the planet and you are only there for a level or two which can really get irritating with you always on the move and the fact that there are so many planets.

        The Verdict is that while Star Wars: The Old Republic is a great game, it lacks a good end-game to keep people playing. It feels like a single-player rpg that once you beat is done forever. It has a beautiful world and a great storyline with a good variety of places to explore and story to make you love Star Wars more. But the end game is the most looked at it thing when MMORPGS are reviewed and there is no doubt about it that SWTOR lacks a good end game.

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