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  • Personally I found it quite good, though conflicting
  • However I was sadly disappointed as Ridley Scott (the director of both Prometheus and Alien) did not provide a firm answer
  • Personally, I think Ridley Scott did not do his homework on this, though it is still a good film to watch

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      The most anticipated film for nearly a year, and what did we get?

      Well, many people have many mixed opinions of the film. Personally I found it quite good, though conflicting. The plot went well, and mixed in nicely with the very first Alien film that came out. I mean, when I first saw the alien ship in the Prometheus trailer, I trembled with excitement as this film could possibly bring some long

      awaited answers to the Alien film. However I was sadly disappointed as Ridley Scott (the director of both Prometheus and Alien) did not provide a firm answer. It was somewhat discussed among two of the characters, but that was about it. And what was the massive stone head in the centre of the chamber? And why did the humanoid aliens all die? What killed them?

      However the biggest part that I had my doubts about was the introduction of Alien that we had all come to love. It appeared from the humanoid alien that had been smothered by the huge octopus like alien, and appeared different to the traditional Alien. However, was this introduction supposed to tell us how Alien had first been created? If so, then this goes against many pieces of fiction that are around.

      In the film Alien vs Predator, Alien was used as ...

      • Prometheus movie
      a hunting animal by the Predator, and had been for many thousands of years. Also, the eggs that held the face grabbers were used, and were seen in Alien. And this idea that Alien had been around for many years being hunted by Predator was solidified by the fact that in Predator 2, you saw the carcass of Alien among many of trophies.

      Yet Ridley Scott is trying to show us that this

      was how Alien had been first created, even though there are many books, films and games surrounding Alien and Predator and how they are linked. Predator was not even mentioned in Prometheus. And where did all the eggs in Alien come from? How did they replace the strange tubs in the chamber?

      Personally, I think Ridley Scott did not do his homework on this, though it is still a good film to watch.

Benjamin says :

The story line was quite confusing, but yet interesting. The philosophical story line, really makes your consider life as we know it.
Corey says :

I didn’t find it hard to follow at all. I thought it was a great story and overall was very well done. Of course, like any sci-fi movie, it had its holes but it was still very entertaining.
Jan says :

I chanced upon to watch Prometheus having no idea what the movie is all about. Yes, i have heard of the series but no hint that this movie is a prequel. I did ask my brother about the movie but he refused to answer any of my queries and said, “watch the movie instead “. So, I did.

The movie immediately caught my curios self for there was no dilly-dally and it somewhat ventured on one’s imagination about space travel and the question of life beyond the recesses of our planet Earth. After billions of miles traveled on a billion-dollar ship, the ship Prometheus reached an earth-like planet (devoid of plants and animals, of course ).Like waking -up from a long sleep, the people on board slowly got-up to their senses aided by a humanoid. They carried out what they have set- out for. The scientists explored the planet and was so lucky enough to discover a cave(or maybe, its part of their course). I find this part rather funny because the scientists became children- like. Instead of dealing with care and utmost responsibility, they took-off their helmets simply because the air is filled with oxygen.Haven’t these learned people realized nor analyzed that they should study their surroundings first before carrying out any radical or drastic action? Another, curiosity brings out really the child in every person. Haven’t they heard of the word QUARANTINE?
To make the long story short, the movie has its misgivings but it was time well-spent. The movie offers the basic humanity each person has. The movie also highlights human ingenuity, courage, strength and instinct. The desire and the drive to survive is most evident in the movie. Indeed, human beings are the greatest creatures alive. This fact is a double- edged sword. Humans can either perpetuate our species or engineer its demise.
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