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  • When you do get to fly, it feels amazing, zooming through the detailed landscape of Pandaria
  • However, I found that they have not removed this useful feature in the game
  • This amplifies the online experience by many degrees
  • It is our favorite MMO topped with a completely new flavor

    • by Allan Mukherjee

      Blizzard Entertainment, probably the biggest name in the MMO industry has done it again. The publishing giant is out with its latest WoW installment and has squashed the dreams of many of its new-age competitors. September 25th came as a blessing to all the diehard World of Warcraft fans as Blizzard spawned a new expansion in the series. The question remained in the industry as to whether blizzard was getting old and repetitive or was it there to say. I have been there and seen it. I am in with the brigade. And after reading this, decide for yourself if you are going to remain faithful. Here is a detailed analysis of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Ok, first things first. There are three major differences I noted in the gameplay.

      You won’t be able to fly until you have reached the highest level. They said this in the conference and they stand by it in the game. But that doesn’t matter. When you do get to fly, it feels amazing, zooming through the detailed landscape of Pandaria. Blizzard has performed another proactive change. It has split the expansion into two very

      different levels of expertise. The first stage is for the novice players who have just entered the fantasia realm. The other stage is for the veterans who had reached the previous level threshold of 85. There is a stage for the intermediate interns as well, though not so prominent.

      It mainly consists of very minor gameplay tweaks and somewhat different mission builds. The last prominent deviation is that the developers have reworked the talent trees. This will make hardcore enthusiasts feel a little awkward during initial gameplay. I molded to it easily after three hours into the game. Now that the changes are done with, let us move on to the main review. The first thing that will hit you straight in the face is the Detail (isn’t it always?). As you hop on a dragon or a hot air balloon to roam every crevice of Pandaren (where the expansion is set) you will notice exquisite detailing and fluid mechanics. Starting from the fluttering tree-leaves to the pebbles that move around when you land, everything is pure physics in all its glory. The game engine sure has beautified the world we have come to love.

      I especially liked the constant change that occurs in the environment depending on your actions. Mountains and monuments will start crumbling. Population of sea-monsters coming out of the oceans will increase and various other massive details as well as minor catastrophes will acknowledge you decisions. Blizzard has gone for total innovation this time and introduced a new tactical mechanism. Martial Arts. Yeah that’s right. The Monk Class of the Pandaren race can utilize martial attacks. First the character introduces a basic move termed as the ‘Jab’. This jab helps in harvesting a resource called ‘Chi’ which can be further exploited for advanced moves.

      Initially in some conferences, Blizzard had hinted at not imparting the new class with auto-attack capabilities. However, I found that they have not removed this useful feature in the game. The monk class has three distinct specialties. The Mistweaver (healing abilities), the Windwalker (melee attacks), theBrewmaster (tanking capabilities). I tried the Windwalker and found that healing is primarily based on distance and proximity. A Mistweaver will drop a totem on the war ground. This will in turn emit pulsating beams that will regenerate health. You do not ...

      • World Of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria for PC
      have to do anything and just concentrate on the fighting. Along with this new class addition there are a few new races that you will encounter on your way to save Pandaria.

      Jinyu is a race very similar to the amphibious Murlocs we had encountered before. There are the Virmens who, till the extent I have played, are related to Kobolds. Also there is a Monkey race known as the Hozen. As for the evil clans there are the Mantids who are responsible for most of the raids in Pandaria. And the most theatrical race is the Sha who are direct accumulations of negative energy. Here is an overview of what the entry level players are going to get as they start on. The gameplay starts of at a place called the Wandering Isle. As a future reference this island looks almost similar to the actual Pandaria and gamers can get a taste of the real thing. The quests in the Wandering Isle are pretty much straightforward and point to point.

      Initiates will have no trouble qualifying the missions. Blizzard, it seems is aiming for the new crowd. It will be successful, I

      am sure. But has it left anything for the comebackers? In its attempt to hit the market, the base gameplay has remained the same. You go to point A, take a mission, go to point B, finish your job, and amass your achievement. Though I don’t wasn’t to say it, but this starts getting monotonous after a while. There is a new substance in the market known as Quest Dynamics. Guild Wars 2 is effectively using it. TERA has implemented it quite well.

      Herein, during you quest, the environment will be effected in a major way. You can help fellow players or initiate minor cut scenes here and there. This amplifies the online experience by many degrees. Blizzard seems to have ignored this trend altogether. They have made quests far easier and finishing the tasking dungeons has become a piece of cake. I don’t know if Mists of Pandaria will click with you but I am staying with it. I repeat that there is nothing much for the veteran in it. But who cares. It is our favorite MMO topped with a completely new flavor.

      We get to play the old thing in a new way. And that is what innovation is all about.

Ben says :

“Mist of Pandaria” looks and sounds very beautiful. It knows this and provides ample opportunities to ride giant kites or giant jade dragons, watch carved monuments and layered pagodas, while listening to epic orchestral soundtracks or almost perfect monologues provided by talented voice actors.
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