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  • To tell you frankly, this is not your typical horror film and I learned that the hard way

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      I was really excited to see the movie The Cabin the Woods because I saw its review in IMDB and it had 7.3 rating. I was interested to see it because it was a horror film and I really want to see horror films so I did decide to see it with my husband.

      This movie is written by Josh Whedon, the same guy who wrote the movie The Avengers. I loved the humor in The Avengers, and to tell you the truth, I really didn’t know what to expect in this movie when I saw it. The Cabin in the Woods

      is about 5 people who decided to go on a vacation in a remote area and stay in a nice, classic cabin. Here we have a whore, an athlete, a scholar, a stoner, and a virgin, all stereotyped and brilliantly portrayed in the movie. The actors were convincing enough, and we soon find out what they are supposed to do and who they were supposed to be, and what their relevance is in the movie. The unique storyline starts when they discover an ancient book that seemed to have awakened some evil entities and these haunt them for the rest of the film. I am not going to disclose more because I might spoil the rest of the story. All I could say is that the horror scenes are well made, effects were great, the actors were convincing and played their parts very well.

      To tell you frankly, this is not your typical horror film and I learned that the hard way. After I was done watching it, I said to myself, “What did I just see?” It took me a long while to realize the premise of this film. Again, mentioning it here will possibly spoil this film, but I wanted ...

      • The Cabin in the Woods (2012) Movie
      to say that now, after reading some stuff about it, that I realized “Oh, so THAT was it was all about!” I was expecting something else, and so when my expectations weren’t obvious to me in this film, I got so disappointed I really felt I spent an hour and a half of my life that I could never take back. However, after some time of pondering about it, it did sink it a bit, and then now I realize that I must have seen a different kind of horror movie. Something with a unique twist to it.

      If you

      have an open mind, go and see this movie. Just don’t expect this to be a typical horror flick. All of the scary elements are there but remember, things are not all as they seem. And when you do, you will soon realize what this film was all about and you will realize that this was a good film after all. Initially I didn’t like it, but soon enough when I figured out what it was about, I was interested to see it again afterward. This has totally changed my view on typical horror films. I like it now and I’m glad I saw it.

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