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  • I consider it the underdog compared to the other companies out there
  • They have designed some very nice products and in my opinion are one of the low cost solutions out there for consumers
  • Also, I prefer the ePub format over any other format
  • I don't like reading PDFs mainly because they tend to be bigger and aren't as space efficient as ePub books
  • As for the video playback, the battery has a bit of an issue

    • by MisterTickle


      I’m a pretty big fan of Archos products. I consider it the underdog compared to the other companies out there. They have designed some very nice products and in my opinion are one of the low cost solutions out there for consumers. Their products typically aren’t very expensive and the quality is quite good. Speaking of this, I find that the Archos 70d eReader falls in this category.

      One of the major features I would like to bring forward about this eReader is that it is a hybrid between an actual eReader and a portable media player. This is probably the biggest distinction I feel about this product. I should probably clarify this a bit. This product is passed off as an eReader. It offers all the eBook formats, but on top of that, it also offers video formats as well. Just about all the popular video formats can be played on this eReader. Formats include MP4, AVI, MPG, FLV, MKV, and RMVB. This offers a lot of flexibility in terms of reading and watching videos. I can alternate so that when I get tired from reading, I can take my mind off things by immersing

      in a video.

      The eBook feature is still key here because this is after all an eReader. Archos doesn’t have their own eBook library so I have to get my content from other sources. I usually just go only, buy books, and download them directly on this device. eBooks are slightly cheaper so I would definitely prefer them over actual paper backs. Also, I prefer the ePub format over any other format. I don’t like reading PDFs mainly because they tend to be bigger and aren’t as space efficient as ePub books. In terms of the actual reading, this eReader is pretty well designed. The design has all the buttons on the right side so I can basically just hold the device in one hand and navigate with the next page buttons. I am right handed so I hold the device in my right hand. However, if you are left handed, this could be a bit of a problem if you simply do not enjoy holding the device in the other hand. Of course, it is possible to turn the device around, but I wouldn’t recommend it as not everything displays perfectly on it.

      I find that all the basic features are there such as bookmarking and resuming the bookmarking. There really isn’t anything wrong here. In terms of the loading speed, for bookmarks near the end of an eBook, it can take quite a while to load. I assume this is because the book loads from beginning to end rather than from where you last left off. The loading time isn’t really long as it only takes about two to three seconds to load everything. As impatient as I might be, I do have time to just wait a few seconds for everything to be loaded before I actually start reading. As for the reading experience, don’t expect any fancy features like with other eReaders, especially the Kindle. There isn’t a lot of reading quality there with this eReader. I find that Archos doesn’t really work towards improving the reading experience to where I actually feel like I am reading a book. There isn’t the e-ink technology nor the paper back reading experience. It is just a standard, very simple text based reading device. The back light can be adjusted accordingly. In a low lit room, I like ...

      • Archos 70d eReader
      to put the backlight on low as well and for a really bright room or out doors, I turn the backlight all the way up. I don’t like having to deal with the glare so one way to try and filter it is to crank the brightness all the way up. I usually can filter out the glare, but it doesn’t work really well under direct sunlight as I can’t truly get the glare free experience.

      Along with the brightness, the battery seems to be holding up just fine. There isn’t an estimated run time, but I would say that this battery is capable of going on to ten or even fifteen hours on a single charge. This is not under very low brightness settings or anything like that. I find that the brightness settings does not have an effect on the battery at all. Some say that to converse the battery, turn down the brightness. I can do the exact opposite and have the battery last. However, it becomes a different story when it comes to video playback. Speaking for reading alone, the battery can definitely hold up for a really long time.

      As for the video playback, the battery has a bit of an issue. The resolution is actually pretty good for video watching. I can watch a movie in almost high definition quality. As for a seven inch screen, no complaints really. If I want a bigger screen, then I would probably watch a movie on my computer or on TV. This eReader works really well for watching movies on the go. I can put three or four before I run out of space. It isn’t a lot, but the main purpose is still reading books so I’ll let this one slide. I usually like to cram a lot of movies together on one device as it gives me flexibility and the option of choosing what to watch. There really isn’t any point in loading a whole bunch of movies and expanding memory greater than the 4GB already given. The battery simply cannot last that long for a continuous playback of movies. I would say that the battery is only capable of two long movies or three to four shorter movies. Like I said, the battery isn’t great for movies, it is only good for eBook reading.

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