Scotts Emulsion - Cod Liver Oil, Orange Flavour

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      My daughters, age 8 and 11 years old respectively, are picky eaters. It is a daily challenge for me to ensure that they eat a balanced meal, have enough energy to manage school and other daily activities. Just like other children, they are active and gets hungry often.

      To ensure they keep up their health and

      energy level, I introduced to them Scotts Emulsion-Cod Liver Oil, Orange flavour. This vitamin supplement comes in a liquid form (in a glass bottle) and contains Vitamin A and D, calcium, phosphorus and Omega 3. And most importantly, they come in a sweet orange flavor. Now this fact is very important as this is the appeal factor to get my kids to try the supplement. To them, it is like drinking orange syrup!

      To me though, it has the necessary vitamins which are essential to help build their bodies’ resistance to infection while at the same time develop strong bones and teeth. Needless to say, they have been taking the supplement for about ...

      • Scotts Emulsion - Cod Liver Oil, Orange Flavour
      a year and they seldom fall sick, have improved skin texture (one of my daughter has eczema); and I know for sure all the calcium in the supplement is helping with their bone development.

      This supplement is not expensive. A 400ml size bottle costs less than SGD10, and is available from many local supermarkets and pharmacies. Daily dosage is 1-2 tablespoon, depending on the child’s age. From personal experience, it is best to consume in the morning, right after breakfast.

      I would recommend this supplement to all the parents out there. You won’t see an overnight change as this should be a long-term health supplement, but you will definitely see the results.

nilge canares says :

how does this product taste? isn’t it fishy? I’ve taken a similar supplement before but I can’t take the smell and taste
Sophie S says :

The flavor and consistency of the product allows for the natural orange juice flavor it is given to come through smoothly, so it tastes more like oranges than anything else. Customer reviews say that it does not have a fishy taste, but the fruit flavor is strong enough to cover up any unpleasantness. The thirteen ounce bottle retails for $ 12
Galega says :

I have taken two Cod Liver Oil supplement at various times, including this one. I would say that the orange flavor of Scotts Emulsion makes it wonderful. There is not an iota of fishy taste. If you don’t like fishy taste, you can definitely try it. You will just feel orange flavor and nothing else.
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