Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream
  • I found this product on Amazon, for around $35
  • Unfortunately, this was $35 I was never going to get back
  • I think two weeks is enough time to see results

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      After trying just about every stretch mark prevention cream on the market, Revitol was going to be my last hope.

      I found this product on Amazon, for around $35. I read many great reviews about it, so it made me feel better spending the $35. Unfortunately, this was $35 I was never going to get back. I didn’t see my stretch

      marks change even just a little.

      I have tan skin, with silver stretch marks. They have been there for fifteen years. I used this product twice a day for two weeks. After week two, the bottle was over. For $35, you really do not get much. I used the product on my lower back, calves and belly area. If the product had worked even just a little bit, I would have gladly bought another bottle. I think two weeks is enough time to see results.

      After applying the product, I had to make sure I let it dry completely on my skin before putting back my clothes. If you do not, your skin will stick to your clothes.

      This product doesn’t ...

      • Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream
      really have much of an odor, which was great for me. I am not a fan when products have too much of a fragrance. The lotion will also not stain your clothes. This is another plus.

      Overall the product failed 100% for me, but it may work on stretch marks that are darker than mine and not as aged.


      actually called the number to see if they had a money back guarantee policy, and they do not. They only give you your money back if the product was not opened. If you go to their direct website, the last promotion I saw was that if you bought two bottles, you could get two free. Seems like a better deal than what I got.

denez says :

people do not have same skin or tone, so it depends on what marks you have and since how long, pregnancy stretch mark do not go away, unless they are little, but if they are deep they will not go
these mark are skin that is pulled away to give space for the baby to grow.
so you can not change the color of them nor make them disappear
but you can reduce there effect from the start of your pregnancy by using oil
olive oils are the best to make your skin more elastic and do not have much stretch mare
Lavonn says :

The vitamin E oil is very good for stretch mark. I find the Hollywood brand very good. I get it on Amazon very cheap.
Mamta Lama says :

I am a girl of twenty-one.I had really big problem with the stretch marks that I had on my inner thighs.I could not wear shorts.I usually never preferred allopathic solutions.Some of my friends suggested me to use petroleum jelly which could moisturise my skin.Some of my relatives suggested to use aloe.I started drinking lots of water.I tried everything and realized only moisturising might not be sufficient for stretch marks.Then I started reading reviews of products online. Then I saw Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream on Amazon.The price approximately $ 39.00 was quite risky for me.But I decided to take risk once.It was the first time I ever spent such big price on cosmetics.I stared using it once daily before bed and also I used it before every shower. when I started using it,it gave no results at first and I was disappointed with the product and the reviewers as well.But after three weeks of usage it slowly blended my skin in such a way that I felt my stretch marks were disappearing.But I felt my skin was little tanned as I had fair complexion.So, I needed spend extra money for sunblock cream.But I am more happy with the disappearnace of the marks than I am unhappy with the appearance of the tans.Hurray Now the marks are almost gone and I can wear any kind of shorts.
Aps says :

I also have stretch marks all over my body.I researched a lot on these but most of the ways didn’t worked.One expert told me that we cannot simple erase stretch marks and their is no ways to completely recover it.In my advice apply raw Lemon Juice on it.I did it and it lightened up my marks.Its all my opinion i am not a expert,i just told you what worked for me.
Galega says :

It actually depends on the nature of stretch marks. Certain scars never go away, like chicken pox scars. Many can be erased with the help of proper medicines/ointments. For example, my wife scars of pregnancy easily went away. Further, some medicines can make tough scars less visible. A dermatologist can give you better solution.
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