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  • My first and principal reason why I dislike this movie is that they killed Optimus Prime
  • This movie was okay in how much I enjoyed it

    • by sarahdragon26

      After the success of Transformers in 2007, I couldn’t wait to see what they would do with the Transformers next. To be honest, I loved and hated Transfromers Revenge of the Fallen. For many different reasons. I did not think that Revenge of the Fallen was as good or even any better than Transformers. I wanted to see the story go above and beyond what Transformers was. It did on some points, than just died on others.

      My first and principal reason why I dislike this movie is that they killed Optimus Prime. I hated that when they did it in the 1985 cartoons, Transformers Generation 1, and I hated it now. I remember crying my eyes out when Optimus Prime died in the cartoons, but now as an adult,

      I was outraged. How could they kill Optimus Prime?! They kill him in the beginning part of the movie, and then bring him back at the very end. Seems like a kick in the teeth to me. He’s one of the most beloved characters of the Transformers universe, and they just cut him from most of the film. I knew he wasn’t going to stay dead because he’s the most important character and he has to be one to beat the Fallen. He is the Last Prime. But just cutting him out of the movie really killed it for me. And making it Sam’s job to bring Optimus back was weak. It’s called Transformers, but most of the movie was about the humans. It didn’t feel right when I first saw it, and it doesn’t now.

      When it came to the other Transformers, much like Optimus, I didn’t see that much of them. It was mostly Bumblebee and the Twins. Don’t get me wrong. I love Bumblebee. He is my second favorite behind Optimus Prime, but to have more than an hour and a half devoted to just the three of them, alongside the humans, it made the time between when Optimus was killed and the fight in Egypt go by much slower. During that time, the movie dragged. I don’t understand why the twins were not included in the 3rd movie, but I liked them. They could be annoying at time, but they were the comic relief of the Transformers. One little side note is that I was amazed ...

      • Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Movie
      to see Arcee and her sisters in the beginning and the end of the movie. But after that, there’s nothing. Nothing about them. Nothing about happened to them. Just disappeared. To me, that’s a fatal flaw in storytelling. At least say what happened to them. Did they leave? Did they die? I was saddened to see Jetfire be introduced and die so quickly. I really enjoyed his character. He reminded me of a grumpy, grouchy, grandpa. And I loved the line when he saw he was getting to old for this. It was prefect. All I could think of was Lethal Weapon.

      The storyline took a surprising turn. I used to the watch the cartoons and read the books and comic books, so I knew about the original primes, the

      Fallen, and some of the backstory to the Transformers universe. So when I saw what direction this was taking, I was actually hoping that Optimus or Bumblebee or maybe even Ironhide would taking this journey to defeat the Fallen. I wasn’t surprised to see them bring back Megatron. It seemed like too easy of a defeat for a character like him. He’s been fighting Optimus for over a thousand years, maybe even longer, and it’s the humans who destroy him. Too easy.

      Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is one of those movies that I will watch every now and then, but not like I would watch the old cartoons, Transformers Prime, or Dark of the Moon. This movie was okay in how much I enjoyed it. I just enjoy the other titles a lot more.

Andrew Leaither says :

I seen this movie “Transformers Revenge” and I liked your review. I must agree, why did they kill off the character that was so great and well played Optimus Prime? When one character makes it good for a movie, why loosen the thread that can make other movies that follow it weaken and lose interest. But your review was great and made a lot of sense.
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