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  • When I watched it, I noticed that there were some slow moments and then the action
  • I think the shooting and the car racing is more like my style
  • When they go to the prom, that's when things get interesting
  • You definitely have to see it for yourself in order to understand it

    • by MisterTickle


      21 Jump Street isn’t the greatest movie ever. In my opinion, it isn’t even close. However, that doesn’t mean that this movie isn’t worth watching. I find that it has some cheesy moments, a slight romance, but mostly comedy and action. I appreciate a good hardcore guns blazing shooting film with occasional fist fights, but this movie is no where there. Sure, we do see lots of guns, firepower, and explosions, but it’s nowhere near as extreme as I want it to be. However, lets not forget that this movie also has a hint of humor in it. As for a softcore action film, this movie falls dead on into the slot.

      So what is this movie about? Take a typical high school for example. When you enter the grounds, you see groups of people categorized as nerds, goths/

      emos, jocks, and so on. That’s exactly how this story goes. Two high school students, one a nerd and the other one a jock, apply and graduate from the police academy. During there time as cops, they got sent to a special division called “21 Jump Street” for cops that look very young. The goal is to blend in among high school students on an undercover mission to complete a drug bust. As they re-enter high school, the jock becomes the nerd and the nerd becomes the jock. They struggle at first to blend in, especially with the different roles they are in. So they struggle to stay alive and uncover the mission. This is pretty much all I can say without giving away the good stuff.

      When I watched it, I noticed that there were some “slow” moments and then the action. This just interchanged over and over again. Do I like it? Not really especially when it doesn’t have the greatest story in the world. It’s just one of those cops go undercover to find the bad guys type of story expect with a different setting. It really isn’t that special. What I am looking for in this movie is the comedy and the action. When I saw the gun violence and spray of bullets in this film, it reminded me of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 trailer, the one with the hero and the noob. That’s exactly what this is like. One of them is this really good fighter when it comes to nothing but knuckles and an excellent shooter. The other is just the spray and pray kind of guy.

      • 21 Jump Street (2012)
      Together, they make an awesome team.

      In terms of the humor, it isn’t suitable for everybody. We’re not talking about hilarious jokes or anything like that. Instead, its more like guys acting weird hoping to make the audience laugh kind of humor. Is it great? Not really, but I did get a good laugh out of this film. I honestly don’t think that the comedy is fully there. It isn’t one of those movies where you are laughing non-stop from beginning to end because it is so entertaining. As for this movie, I would say that the comedy is only 65% there. It’s more than halfway, but not the greatest use of humor as entertainment in this film.

      On the other hand, the shooting and the car chase is much more like it. It is quite a crazy stunt

      that was pulled off and I could just feel my heart racing just watching the film. There are a couple of ironic moments in the film. I don’t want to spoil them, but you will recognize them when you see it for yourself. I think the shooting and the car racing is more like my style. As for the action, it really gets to the good stuff at the end. The beginning and the middle isn’t anything spectacular. When they go to the prom, that’s when things get interesting. You definitely have to see it for yourself in order to understand it.

      So far, not the greatest movie, but definitely worth watching. It could improve quite a bit, especially with the story. However, just for some laughs and to pass the time, this movie will surely do the trick.

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