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  • What I like in this song is how easily they are able to switch timbre from verse to chorus and back again
  • Arguably the best part of the song is after the second chorus
  • Even so, I think it's safe to say, they won't be topping this one anytime soon

    • by BodgieCrunch

      “Only In Dreams” is the closing song off of the fantastic debut album of Weezer. This such a good song to close an equally good album. To my knowledge it is also the longest song ever recorded by Weezer, although I admit I haven’t really dabbled into any of their music after Maladroit.

      The song opens up with bass, which plays and sets the standard flow of the song. The drums kick in with the high-hat as the guitars follow. The rhythm guitar is the first one you hear and plays the main riff of the song, similar to the bass. It has a nice acoustic twang to it. This guitar is followed by the lead guitar that plays some nice natural harmonics. From there it seems like it plays a little diddy by using the root notes of each rhythm chord. Rivers Cuomo sings in about the same pitch and key throughout the duration of the song. It fits the mood of the song in that it bares a significant mellow and as the name implies, a dreamy outlet. The majority

      of the song is played with very clean guitars, both acoustic and electric. It isn’t until you get to the chorus of “Only In Dreams” that they utilize distortion. Even then, it doesn’t have that “heavy” kind of feel to it. The drums also pick up with loud cymbal crashes. What I like in this song is how easily they are able to switch timbre from verse to chorus and back again. That effect of quiet and loud can be rather unsettling at first, but once accustomed to, it makes the song that much better. It is rather quite fascinating to listen to and especially fun to tap along with the drum beats. Arguably the best part of the song is after the second chorus. The song goes into a crescendo, as in starts off quiet and gradually builds up. Each instrument has a specific part for this part, and it’s super enjoyable just how well they intertwine with one another and help build up layer. My favorite part is probably the drums, where the high hat cymbals keep progressively slowing ...

      • down with each measure. From quarter notes, to half notes, to whole notes. And just like that it reverses itself from the whole notes to quarter notes, to eighth notes and finally 16th notes. All while that happens, you feel the song reaching it’s climax which has a very nice guitar solo along with superb and rather erratic drumming. As momentous of a climax that has came, it fizzles out into feedback and finally the same bass riff that opened the song, closes it.

        As far as the meaning of “Only In Dreams” it’s rather simple enough. It’s about a guy who found the love of his life, but she is a fantasy, she’s only in his dreams. Despite being somewhat kind of sad as a whole, the song is actually rather quite witty and humorous. I especially like the lyrics where Cuomo is talking to his dream girl about dancing, and the fact that it’s a good thing that she makes him “float in the air” so he won’t step on her feet while dancing and “crush her toenails into a

        thousand pieces”. It just builds up a good sense of imigery, and especially the allusion of “float in the air” where it portrays it in a literal sense instead of how he feels. Very clever.

        This is the best choice to close such a great album. My only qualm is why can’t Weezer create music like this anymore? It’s like with each album release they progressively got worse and worse. I shouldn’t judge because I admit, I haven’t listened to their other works in the past decade so maybe they still got it. Even so, I think it’s safe to say, they won’t be topping this one anytime soon. “Only in Dreams” is like the Cy Young 511 win record in baseball, in that it will never be topped or surpassed by Weezer. This is a two sided dagger in that it is such an enjoyable song, and probably one of the best alt rock songs in the last 20 years, but then again it’s sad comparing this song to Weezers other works, mostly because well… they don’t even come close.

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