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  • I don't really like earphones as I don't like the feeling
  • This concept seems straightforward enough so I decided to test it out
  • I know that all ear phones have this problem
  • I plugged this into my computer as I don't like to use speakers
  • Better yet, I prefer to use headphones, but not too sure if they will help in noise cancellation

    • by MisterTickle


      I don’t really like earphones as I don’t like the feeling. I hate sticking something in my ears and it just feels uncomfortable. However, I heard that for best noise cancellation, I must use a set of in-ear earphones. This means that I don’t put them over my ears, but actually in them. This way, the outside noise can’t get inside my ears and I can listen to whatever I want without any unwanted noise. This concept seems straightforward enough so I decided to test it out.

      The quality of the Memorex noise cancelling earphones is decent. The wires are coated with a plastic cover and the actually earphones and the noise cancellation filter are made out of plastic. I can’t really describe the quality of the materials used as plastic is just plastic to me. I don’t really see how it can be categorized. However, I would like to stress how poorly the wires are attached to the ear phones. I have a feeling that the wires will come right

      out even by the slightest yank. As for me, I don’t feel they are very well glued together. I know that all ear phones have this problem. Over time, wear and tear will occur and there is nothing we can do to stop it. However, I still have the feeling that this will wear and tear much faster compared to other brands. For starters, this isn’t a brand that I would usually go for, but Sony earphones are out of stock and this was the only one available. They don’t restock very often and I just can’t wait that long.

      The actual usage is quite straightforward. This earphone set uses the standard 3.5 mm jack so it can be plugged into all devices. I shouldn’t really say that because there could be some devices that use a different standard. For the most part, if you buy anything made in North America, you can pretty much be sure that the jack will fit. I plugged this into my computer as I don’t ...

      • like to use speakers. I find that my speaker quality isn’t the greatest, especially when I turn the volume up. I tried to watch a few YouTube videos and it worked fine. I can’t really say that the sound quality is great because it does depend on your source. For the most part, this earphone set delivers a clear sound.

        As for the noise filtering, I think that it doesn’t really work. I think what is happening is that the earphone speakers are so far inside my ears, that’s the only thing I can hear. The actual noise filtering bar is pretty much useless and it doesn’t seem to work for me. Since these are in-ear earphones, the earphones are really deep down in my ears. I have to really stick them in. I don’t like this because first of all, it is uncomfortable, and second of all it isn’t a natural sound.

        Let me explain what I mean by it isn’t comfortable. When I have these earphones in my ears

        for a couple of hours, I can start feeling my ears get sore. I guess this is partly because of the noise, but also because of the fact that the rubber supports are just pushed right up against my skin and just holding that way. After having them on for a long time, I can feel a slight itchiness in my ears.

        Second of all, it doesn’t feel like a natural sound. When we hear things, sound waves are traveling and expanding and some just happens to enter into our ears and we hear the sound. However, with these earphones, I feel as if the sound is being forced into my ears. There is only one way to go and that is inwards. The sound quality and the feeling is something very hard to describe and I have to say that I just don’t like it one bit. I prefer those non-in ear earphones. Better yet, I prefer to use headphones, but not too sure if they will help in noise cancellation.

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