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  • Right off the bat, I noticed many mechanical changes between the first game and the second
  • In Mass Effect 2, that problem doesn’t exist
  • At first, it seemed like I was picking up too many people, but after a while, I really enjoyed their characters
  • I wanted to get the full gaming experience from the series

    • by sarahdragon26

      After playing Mass Effect 1 for the PC, I was really looking forward to playing the second installment of the Mass Effect series on the PC. I was curious how my actions in the first game were going to effect things in the second game. And how my choices in the second game will reflect on the third.

      Right off the bat, I noticed many mechanical changes between the first game and the second. The controls for running, shooting, everything in general had greatly improved. The controls are much easier to use, especially when firing my gun. Any gun. I can aim, I can zoom in, and I can see where my bullet will be going. Which is something that Mass Effect 1 lacked in the ways of game mechanics. I would always be using a handgun because I could never see where any of the other guns were firing. In Mass Effect 2, that problem doesn’t exist. It got fixed. I also noticed that the movement of the characters in gameplay as well as in cutscenes seemed to blend together better. The motions were fluid and seamless, unlike the almost choppiness of the first game.

      Adding to the ease that was given to me, the player, by making aiming a little easier to do, the addition of having to actually collect ammo and eject clips when they’re empty gave the mechanics of shooting my gun a more

      realistic feeling. Not just having unlimited ammo right from the start. And I have to say thank you to Bioware for making the ability to get in and out cover much easier to do. I must have yelled at my screen a hundred times while playing Mass Effect 1 because my character would get into cover when I didn’t want her to, or she wouldn’t come out of cover when I commanded her to with the controls. Now that controls have been improved, the ability to get in and out of cover as improved as well. Thank you very much for that change.

      Another improvement that I noticed right away was the graphics. The graphics have upgraded so much between the first and the second game. My character’s hair is no longer brown blocks on her head. It looks like real hair, on her head. The way it should look. Facial expressions, hair, everything has been upgraded and I am loving it. There also isn’t any fuzz in the background during every cutscene and the people standing around don’t just look like blurry balls of color, but are clear and recognizable. And I have to say, again, Thank God to Bioware for fixing the audio. I’m not longer hearing an echo in my speakers whenever my character or anyone else talks like they did in Mass Effect 1. Everything is much clearer with no static sounds or echoing that just doesn’t fit in.

      While I will admit, I sped through Mass Effect 1 just to play the main storyline, so I could just get out of the game itself. But now, I took my time with Mass Effect 2, enjoying every little sidestory and new character that I picked up on the way. I was glad to see some of the characters from Mass Effect 1 make a return in the second game. Characters like Garrus, Liara, and Wrex. Even thou Garrus is the only one who really sticks around, it was good to see the others back. As well as some new characters. My favorite new characters are Grunt, Kasumi, Samara, and Jack. I really didn’t care for Zaeed or Miranda so I very rarely used them, unless I had to for their loyalty missions. Other then, I avoided unless they wanted to talk to my character. And I was overjoyed to be able to romance Garrus, which is exactly what I wanted to do in Mass Effect 3 for the PS3, but that option didn’t exist because I didn’t romance him in the second game yet.

      Unlike the first game, Mass Effect 2 has a very deep storyline that not only affects my character, Shepard, but all of the characters around her. The story does continue along the lines of what choices I made in the first game and how the Collectors, servants ...

      • Mass Effect 2 PC
      of the Reapers, wanted to kill my character. The rest of the game develops on that and while trying to stop the Collectors from harvesting all human life in the galaxy, I picked up different team members along the way to help in the fight. At first, it seemed like I was picking up too many people, but after a while, I really enjoyed their characters. From their personalities to their appearances. And I wanted to make sure that everyone survived the Suicide Mission at the end, in case they might show up in the third game. I wanted to get the full gaming experience from the series.

      I almost kissed the computer screen when I saw that health automatically regenerates itself instead of using Medi-Gel every time I took a hit. I almost punched my computer screen several times during Mass Effect 1 because my companions would not heal when I gave them Medi-Gel. Now, my companions heal by themselves and I only need to use Medi-Gel to raise them if they fall in battle. Which I don’t think I used Medi-Gel at all during the whole play-through because none of my characters ever fell in battle.

      Like in Mass Effect 1, I had the ability to scan planets for resources or upgrades. Unlike the first game, this process is more interactive then before. I actually had to use the mouse on the planet and discover minerals

      by physically scanning the planet surface, and using the minerals to upgrade my companions and my ship, so when we went into the Suicide Mission at the end, no one died.

      The biotic powers are better as well. They regenerate a lot faster, are more effective, and better choices are available to use. I used Overload and Slam biotic powers as well as some of the old powers from Mass Effect 1 like Throw and Warp. I had quite a few abilities that I was able to transfer from my Mass Effect 1 save, so I was all ready a very high level and had quite a few points available for combat and biotic abilities. I was also able to transfer over my reputation points, so it wasn’t too hard to get the good answers that showed up in blue, so I had people really like me or I was able to make the paragon choices that I wanted to.

      Everything about the game got much better from the first to the second. From the inventory to the graphics to the voices. There were no technical problems with the game itself. No crashes. No freezing. Nothing that I can say was the fault of the game itself or the programming. It is a huge jump from what I experienced in Mass Effect 1. Mass Effect 2 is a game I enjoyed very much and I will be playing it again.

Augustus says :

Mass Effect 2 is an awesome game. I have played this game after mass effect 1 and both were good. It is similar to real rpg games but these games are sci-fi based, you are in space searching for other people to help you in your quests.

You will be making your own role your skills even your guns. Game has nice story, which I find the most valuable thing in the games. I was playing it for over 1 month or so, I like to play games but I was playing other ones too including mass effect. You can choose to change story by making your own path towards future events like if some of your teammates die because you did something different, story changes and you will have a different outcome later.

I was playing this game on my pc, and I strongly recommend this game, it is a must to play, it has fun, shooting, chatting, love anything u can think of.
sarahdragon26 replies :

It’s great to see the other people are enjoying Mass Effect 2 as much as I am. Thanks for the reply Augustus and happy playing
Ammar Singh Karki says :

re : I wanted to get the full gaming experience from the series
Yeah,I really love this game.I enjoyed a lot.
Abd Manaf says :

re : I wanted to get the full gaming experience from the series
This game was my door to gaming world , i replayed it like 20 times seems alot but i was like " Ohhh what is this am i in heaven??" Lol
It’s just perfect games in all sides graphics and gameplay are really good . Enjoyed it too much .
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