Google Nexus 7 Tablet
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  • One thing is for sure, based on the tech specs and my first hand performance test, I definitely say this tablet is worth the price
  • This is pretty cheap in my opinion considering what I am receiving
  • The tech specs are just amazing and it is the perfect hardware set
  • The screen was already mentioned and I don't think there are any further details I need to add
  • There is one thing I don't like about the screen

    • by MisterTickle


      I have been waiting for this tablet for quite some time now and finally got my hands on it. I did not pre-order it so I didn’t get the free gift. Instead, I just got the tablet itself. One thing is for sure, based on the tech specs and my first hand performance test, I definitely say this tablet is worth the price. This tablet isn’t that expensive. I got the 16 GB model for $250 plus taxes and shipping. This is pretty cheap in my opinion considering what I am receiving. The tech specs are just amazing and it is the perfect hardware set!

      I’ll just give a brief overview of what to expect of the specs. The processor is a quad core Nivea Tegra 3. It has a 16 GB built in storage capacity and a 1 GB memory. This tablet features a 7 inch Gorilla Glass scratch resistant high definition touch screen. It has one of the highest resolutions possible and simply is not close to being beaten. The battery is probably my favorite part of this tablet. The 4325 mAH battery

      is the perfect combination for such a performance tablet like the Nexus 7.

      The physical layout is pretty simple actually. The screen was already mentioned and I don’t think there are any further details I need to add. The screen is simply super tough and I doubt an extra screen protector slip is needed. You’re pretty much wasting your time and money going out and buying a screen protector because as far as I can see, it isn’t needed. On the other side, its a pretty neat design with the words Nexus engraved on the top and ASUS on the very bottom. So far it looks good except for one thing. I noticed that there isn’t a microSD slot or any method of expanding storage capacity. I’m not sure if this was intentional or the hardware just didn’t allow for the use of a micro SD or just a SecureDigital card. This is probably the biggest drawback. 16 GB really isn’t a lot once you start loading movies, songs, and applications on this tablet. I’m not so much into listening to songs on this

      tablet, but I will definitely be watching movies and playing games. This tablet can handle multitasking so I’m definitely going to be using it. It would be nice to have some sort of expandable memory option, but apparently that is not possible.

      The Android 4.1 is the latest version and I just love it. I have no complaints whatsoever. I know that there are some poorly built Android applications that hog a lot of resources. However, I don’t really notice them on this tablet because this tablet always seems to have extra resources available for usage. It is really not noticeable. However, with this new version of Android, I find that there still isn’t much of an improvement on the task killing. I find that there are still some tasks that just keep reappearing after I try to get rid of them. Apparently it is not possible to get rid of them. I think there definitely needs to be a way for me to just permanently stop them from running unless I want them to. Right now, there is not way to do that so ...

      • Google Nexus 7 Tablet
      this is still an issue not solved. Hopefully on the next version of Android, this issue will be resolved.

      The seven inch screen is pretty good, but I would like a 10.1 inch or 9.7 inch screen especially when this tablet is equipped with such a high resolution. The quality is there so I think I can enjoy the video playback better with a bigger screen size. I found a couple of Android applications that allow me to watch TV shows and movies through the applications so I am testing those out. I really feel a bigger screen can make a difference in the viewing experience. However, is the seven inch screen sufficient? It is definitely sufficient. I find that I don’t have to constantly zoom in and out for web browsing. Web pages load perfectly on the seven inch screen. I admit that I do have to occasionally zoom in and out based on the font size of some websites. Some websites insist on using a smaller font and it makes the text harder to read. Other than that, the seven inch screen

      is pretty good.

      Multitasking is definitely a key feature on this tablet. I find that this tablet handles multitasking really well. It is just extraordinary and it feels really good being able to run several applications simultaneously without any freeze ups or lagging. I can even multitask with games, but of course, that is not practical. I can only play one game at one time so it is true that it doesn’t make a lot of sense. However, it still feels great being able to do this. I think the physical and hardware components are definitely well built to do this job.

      There is one thing I don’t like about the screen. I find that the screen is a bit inefficient. I’m not sure how to describe this, but basically there is a lot of wasted space around the seven inch screen. It would be nice if this could be reduced so the size of the overall tablet is smaller. At the moment, I wouldn’t say that this tablet is very “space efficient” because of the distance from the edge of the screen to the edge of the tablet’s casing.

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