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  • However, this barely matters because the amazing way the Wayne parts are performed and when you get to Batman, the action is intense
  • Tom Hardy as Bane is one of the best recreations of a Batman villain I've ever seen

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      The Dark Knight Rises is a good film! A really good film! Sure, there are a few problems with it but nothing there that really ruins this masterpiece!

      The only thing you need to be aware of is that there is less Batman than in the Dark Knight because it is more about Bruce Wayne than anything else. However, this barely matters because the amazing way the Wayne parts are performed and when you get to Batman, the action is intense!

      The film continues the story from the previous two films. After the events of The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne has gone in to retirement from being Batman is now living a secluded life hidden away inside his mansion. He also has a lack of cartilage in his leg and so walks with a walking stick. However, this it is not explained how this happened which is a bit

      of a let down. He is then forced to return to his life as the Batman when a dangerous villain called Bane starts to destroy the city.

      *WARNING! This section contains some spoilers!* Batman then beats the hell out of some people and ends up in a confrontation with Bane where Bane does what eh was brought in to the comics to do, break Batman’s back. This then starts another rise for the Batman while he tries to escape from where Bane has put him and return to save Gotham City.

      He is helped to save the city by Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle who is one of the major driving forces of the plot. She is good for more than just here looks and I really liked here action sequences, especially the ones where she is fighting with Batman!

      A scene I really liked from this film was at the ...

      • end where Batman is back and raises all out war! This part is fast paced, exciting and really pulls you in for the shocking twists which the story takes during the ending. However, the twist isn’t as big if you are a Batman fan because you will probably be able to see what is going to happen.

        Gary Oldman put in a great appearance as Commissioner Gordon as always and is one the main characters in the plot. However, this time he is matched by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake. John is a young police officer trying to bring justice to Gotham being probably more important than Gordon. Tom Hardy as Bane is one of the best recreations of a Batman villain I’ve ever seen; being a normal man who is just insanely strong. The only real flaw with him being is that it is never really explained

        what his mask is there for, but yet again, if you are a big Batman fan you will know. For those of you who won’t know what it’s for, it basically pumps anesthetic constanyly in to him so he feels no pain. Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth is brilliant, performing some of the most heart wrenching acting I have seen in years! Last but not least, Morgan Freeman does an amazing job as Lucius Fox, giving great acting and really getting in to his character!

        Overall, I believe that is the best film of the year! The action is great and exciting while still telling the details of the plot. The plot is amazing performed by great actors telling an amazing, clever story which will almost have you tearing up in some places!

        A must see!

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