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  • Inside the box, I found two components of the speaker system
  • This is definitely not a good idea for the home use
  • Unfortunately, this is not how this speaker system is designed
  • However, I decided to look at the speaker itself
  • Although it is a pretty interesting concept, it is definitely a useless one

    • by MisterTickle


      I got the Aluratek Bump Speaker System. I wouldn’t exactly call it a “boombox” like in the actual product name. This is just a well thought out speaker system and that’s it. I didn’t really know what it was when I got it. I actually thought that it was some kind of dock, but where I can listen to music with the 3.5 mm input jack or the SD Card slot. Let’s start from the beginning. Inside the box, I found two components of the speaker system. One has a screen on it and the other one just has a really simple navigation. This clearly shows that one is the home base and the other is just an expansion. I also found the power adapter, quick start up guide, USB to Micro USB cable, and the auxiliary input cable. The warranty is one year as I didn’t get any additional warranty. I think one year RMA is enough for me. Just based on the design and physical look, it is pretty clear that this speaker system is built to last. Everything is really straight forward and the set up is pretty much a piece of cake.

      The concept is good in terms of multiple room speakers controlled

      from just one device. The set up was pretty straightforward, but it took me a while to figure out exactly how this system worked. There is the base which is the main control area. This is where input devices are plugged into such as any portable media player, SD Card, USB key, and computer input. After this is plugged in, whatever content is played and then the speakers will broadcast it. If I have the speaker in one room and the base in another, I can wirelessly broadcast it. Is this a neat idea? Yes it is. However, is it a practical one? Definitely not for personal use.

      This is a good concept for places such as the office or in public areas such as multi-floor buildings. This is definitely not a good idea for the home use. I placed the speaker and the base in such a way so that the wireless speaker is beside my computer work area and the base is on my bed stand. The way I did it like this is so that I could be working and listening to music at the same time. When I am about to go to bed, I would then be able to control it from my bed stand. This is the most I can get the speaker system to do. Now why is this a pretty useless concept? Right now, I have to go to another room in order to turn it on and off. Why not just have it so that I can turn it off in one room? I don’t need my whole house to be filled with music and constant background noise. I just listen to music occasionally and I want to keep it that way. Unfortunately, this is not how this speaker system is designed. This speaker system is designed so that several rooms can be controlled with just one base. This is to make it simpler for sound wiring and stuff internal speakers. I can see what this product is getting at, but I also see, a bit too late, what the purpose is used for. These wireless speakers work up to sixty feet in range so it can span in several rooms. This is great for the office use as the secretary can control the music and songs from the desk and the various rooms will be able to share the same music. If this was compared to with the traditional multiple speakers per room, the idea would ...

      • Aluratek AWS01F Bump Portable Digital Boombox Alu
      be so much more complex. Rather than just wirelessly streaming music, one must install cables and drag them all the way to the base. It means more work, more inconvenience, and more money to get the same effect. This is what I mean by how this speaker system simplifies the process. I would definitely say that this speaker is not recommended for at home use or personal use as it is inefficient and can be inconvenient at times.

      However, I decided to look at the speaker itself. I already know that this speaker system isn’t working very well in my house, but I would still like to keep an open mind and see what it is really worth. The one thing I like most about it is that it comes with the time. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is one to me. Having the time on the speaker allows me to use it as a clock as well. Therefore, it serves more than one purpose for me. It is much nicer to have this rather than a separate clock and a separate speaker system. The time also prompts me when I need to stop listening to music. I would definitely say I would

      rather have this extra option than not having the option at all. The next feature is the FM radio. The FM radio isn’t as well built. The antenna is inside the casing so there is a reception problem. I can’t exactly figure out how the antenna is positioned, but the only way to get the best reception possible is just try and tune it exactly and then eliminate any remaining static by rotating it. Just slowly rotate it so that the time is facing a different position and see if it helps. This is probably the only trick I know that worked for this antenna. There isn’t any way to boost the signal strength or to extend the antenna. It doesn’t exactly have anything sticking out for me to get a better reception. Luckily I have another radio that can do the job so I didn’t really bother using the radio on this one. I just used it a few times to test it out. After seeing that it just doesn’t work for me, I decided to disregard this feature entirely. Other than this, there really isn’t anything else this speaker system is good for. Although it is a pretty interesting concept, it is definitely a useless one.

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