Alice In Chains - Man in the Box (song)
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  • This is probably one of the best songs from a vocal standpoint that Layne has been in

    • by BodgieCrunch

      “Man in the Box” is the song that garnered Alice in Chains attention in the early 90’s. The song was released on their 1990 album “Facelift” but was released as a single in 1991. Alice in Chains without a doubt is considered the heaviest band out of the Big 4. The Big 4 of course includes Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Nirvana.

      “Man in the Box” wastes no time at all in getting into the song. Jerry Cantrell’s guitar incorporates a talkbox guitar pedal that gives it that distinct “wah” effect. His guitar is also tuned down a half step which makes the notes appear to be more heavier, a standard tuning that was done by a lot of thrash metal bands at the time like Sepultura and Slayer. The song has a pretty standard beat to it that isn’t all to impressive. The

      biggest thing to take note while listening to “Man in the Box” is Layne Staley’s legendary voice. This is probably one of the best songs from a vocal standpoint that Layne has been in. His falsettos and timbre in his voice give off a portrayal of pain and sorrow. Another thing to note is the brilliant sycopation and harmonies both Layne and Jerry create in the songs pre-chorus. During the actual chorus, After Layne sings a part, Jerry follows up with his own which gives the song character, because it sounds like Jerry’s vocals are like his conscience. The guitar solo is also very impressive, it starts off with a nice hammer on/pull off tremolo effect all while keeping that crazy wah effect in consideration. From a technical stand point, this appears to be among one of the better guitar solo’s in the Alice in ...

      • Chains catalog of songs.

        As for the actual meaning of “Man in the Box” Layne stated that he wrote it while he was high and that it is more or less about censorship. However when I read the lyrics myself I kind of get a different approach from in. I kind of get the sense that it is a song, sung in the third person who is in jail, thus “I’m the man in the box”. From there he kind of just sits there and wallows in all his shame and pity and sins, thus the “Buried in my s**t” part. The chorus part I can see where the censorship idea comes about. It’s like the “feed my eyes, can you sew them shut” part can mean that whatever media that this person is receiving is heavily edited and falsified. It can also go with my

        theory as in the man in prison and or purgatory is praying for atonement of his sins. That’s how I see it anyways.

        Even if “Man in the Box” is truly about censorship, I find it kind of ironic that it became such staple hit that when played on the radio they have to censor “s**t” for “spit”. Nevertheless, this was such an influential song at the time, and truly did bring focus on Alice in Chains career. The song is loud, brash and in your face, but it is also considerably catchy. Layne Staley will always be looked upon as being one of the best vocalist, especially during the 90’s and I truly think this song encompasses all that potential in one track. I’m not going to even bother recommending this song, because chances are you’ve already heard it before, unless you live under a rock.

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