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  • Even if the experience is painful, I never get used to it
  • I drink Cortal when I know I will be suffering hard pain
  • I learned my lesson and I never drink 5 tablets of 500 mg of Cortal anymore

    • by grecychunny


      Migraine is my best friend. In the Philippines, the meaning of “Best Friend” is different; it means the opposite, your enemy. In a day that I am full of stress, migraine will attack me surely when the day ends. There are lots of reasons why I have migraine and that includes as I said, stress, lack of sleep, not eating on time, sleeping or napping after eating, even sleeping for more than 10 hours will lead me to migraine. Since I always have it, I need something that will able to stop it or help me somehow.

      Besides Ponstan and Dolfenal, I relied with Cortal. This is known as aspirin that treats pain. I always have it on my purse because I do not only feel pain in my head but also at my back, arms, hands and legs. Sometimes one pain lead to another like one time I felt that my back aches and later on I feel the numbness of my legs and migraine starts. Even if the experience is painful, I never get used to it.

      I relied on Cortal. I always thought that it is my other Rescue 911. I drink Cortal when I know I will be suffering hard pain. I do

      not let the pain to starts and stays for long. When I feel the slight pain I drink it immediately. Let us start with my migraine. Migraine stops my focus and I always cry. The duration maybe long depending on the type of pain reliever I take. With Cortal, the pain will subside in less than 15 minutes. Sometimes the effect will start for more than 15 minutes, I assume, whenever I take it after an hour that I ate one meal. It does not help me when I forget to eat one meal. I make sure to eat first before drinking medicine for the speedy effect.

      I do have different experience with Cortal. I drink it once; as usual the reason of taking it is migraine. That migraine lasted for long hours. The migraine stops once Cortal take effect, but as I observe this medicine retire early that I have to drink another 500 mg tablet because after long hours the migraine will come back. There was one time when I drink five tablets of 500 mg my menstruation period came in advance. Before, my due date is between the 19th and 21th of the month but I had my cycle earlier on the 13th.

      • My regular day lasted for 3 to 4 days but during that time it lasted for 8 days and I have full bleeding. That is shocking. I thought I will lose a blood.

        I have the feeling that this tablet causes it, because it happens thrice, but on the third one the bleeding did not extend to 8 days. I only had my period for 5 days. I learned my lesson and I never drink 5 tablets of 500 mg of Cortal anymore. I only limit it to 2 tablets per day, it if is really necessary.

        Another side effect of Cortal is drowsiness. I experience it too but only if I drink tablets every hour. I know I made a mistake about this but I tend to relied on medicine when I have Migraine because there is nothing I know that will be able to help me with this but pain reliever medicine alone. It is good to drink 2 tablets before I sleep when I cannot sleep before but I do it before, you have to take note. I do it before when I do not know what will be the bad effects of drinking lots of tablets on my liver. Also, if I

        drink it sometimes with an empty stomach, I feel there is a gas encircled inside tummy and it is very painful. I never do it again.

        Furthermore, the effect does not crawl on my system fast compare to Dolfenal. However, once I take it, it does not help me to feel numb that Dolfenal gives me. There is no numbness but it stops the pain once it took effect. It works on headache, pain on my hands and legs and I wonder it does not get effective with toothache. Only Dolfenal help me with that.

        When I feel like I will be having flu, I drink it immediately together with Bioflu and it stops the flu from coming. It somehow avoids me from being sick. Aside from common side effects like stomach ache, that is controllable, there is no side effect I experienced. That severe bleeding during menstruation did not happen again after I realized that habit of drinking. Cortal became my second choice of medicine when I am sick. I go to Biogesic and Dolfenal, vice versa, when it comes to pain. It works for me but not as good as Dolfenal. It costs Php 6.50 (estimated $ 0.15 USD) and always available on drugstores and pharmacies.

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