Filter for 5-15 Gallon Aquariums, Aqua-Tech Power

    • by MisterTickle


      I don’t have the exact model number so I’m not sure how this product will be identified. I will try my best with the physical description and hopefully it will help you identify it in stores. I got this at my local fish store for $24.99 regular price with tax. The picture of the filter shows that it hangs at the side of the tank with water pouring into it. They offer a two year warranty and this filter is designed for aquariums of five gallons to fifteen gallons. This is all labelled on the box. The box isn’t big, it can put a medium sized jam jar in it.

      Inside the box, there were quite a few parts. The filter required some assembly. The physical components consisted of the lid, umbrella handle like tube for sucking dirty water, motor, and a two part filter. As I mentioned before, some assembly is required. The umbrella handle like tube comes in two parts. There is the hook that goes into the filter, and a little web like plastic case to prevent sucking up everything else such as fishes for instance. They are only big enough for water to pass through it and then filtered out. The lid and motor is quite simple to install actually. The motor goes at the side, behind

      the umbrella handle tube. It just needs to be put in place. There are grooves so you will know whether the motor is placed correctly. I got it right on my first try so it shouldn’t be too hard so just don’t over think it.

      The lid goes on last so I will get to that in a minute. The filter comes with two parts. There is the blue polyfiber pad and the bio-fiber pad. The blue one removes dirt, fish poop, and stuff like that. The second one is used for the removable of ammonia and nitrite. As far as I know of, only the blue one is replaced once it gets dirty. According to the manual, it should be placed once every two to three months. This actually seems pretty reasonable to me. Also, the filter can be easily disposed of. It can be placed in the trash directly. After putting the filters in place, the lid can be placed. Now, one thing I noticed about the filter is that placing it correctly can be a bit tricky. I’m not sure if this is a manufacturing problem or what because the grooves had a little trouble lining up with the filter. After that is done, the lid can be placed and the filter is then positioned at the side

      of the tank. It is very important that the tank is from five to fifteen gallons. I find that with anything larger, the filter won’t be very effective.

      After the all the parts have been installed, it is very important that you do not turn it out. At first, I thought I could just turn it on, but I was wrong. When I turned it on, without putting any water in it, it made a really loud sound, which is the motor. It turns out that the filter cannot suck water into the actual filter cartridges directly. It needs to have water in it already. This was easily solved. I removed the lid and then poured some water in there and the problem was fixed.

      The noise level is actually pretty quiet. Of course I could hear water being poured out and the motor turning to suck the water, but not loud enough to be a headache type of problem. I added a few small fishes, which are mostly neon tetras and a couple of algae eaters. They don’t exactly fight or anything and are pretty isolated from one another. So far so good for me. The fishes were exploring the tank, nibbling on the plants I have placed in, and then I noticed something. Some of the smaller fishes seemed ...

      • Filter for 5-15 Gallon Aquariums, Aqua-Tech Power
      to be stuck on the filter tube. I guess the suction is too strong. Now, this is quite a problem because it may hurt the fish and the water isn’t going to be cleaned. I tried to weaken the suction by placing a couple of nets and putting some barricades around it. This seemed to work as the fishes are now more interested in the rocks instead of the actual end of the filter tube. As for the algae eaters, they don’t seem to care and it doesn’t affect them when they swim near the filter. I find that this is mainly a concern for smaller fishes.

      I would like it if there were some improvements made to this filter such as variable settings. If only there were a way where I can turn the filter from high or medium to low, then I can be rest assured that the suction is enough to pick up the water, but not the fishes. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible as it offers no buttons or switches. Heck, there isn’t even an on and off switch. To turn off the filter, I have to pull the plug. Of course, the on and off switch is pretty redundant as the fish tank filter isn’t exactly turned on and off very often. I just leave it on

      24/7. I only turn it on to change the water or do some physical cleaning of the tank.

      I also got a couple of extra filter cartridges. They come in packets of three. It turns out that they only come with the blue polyfiber filters and the bio-fiber pad. I would strongly discourage you to throw out the white pad when you change the blue filter pad. ONLY THE BLUE IS REPLACEABLE! This requires a lot of emphasis because the white bio-fiber pad cannot be replaced. In fact, it isn’t even taken out when the filter is being changed. The cost of the extra filter cartridges is pretty expensive. For a pack of three, I paid $12.99, which is about half the price of the filter itself. After buying six cartridges, I could be buying a whole other filter system. Anyways, it is very important to change the blue filter. When the blue filter becomes clogged with poop and other debris, the dirty water will eventually start flowing over the blue filter and re-enter the tank, which is something you and I don’t want, especially the fishes. This is a pretty good filter and has a pretty good suction. I just don’t recommend it with small tropical and gold fishes. For bigger gold fishes, this filter would work great, but definitely not small fishes.

maggie says :

re : As far as I know of, only the blue one is replaced once it gets dirty
Never clean or replace the black. It maintains life balance.
maggie says :

re : Now, one thing I noticed about the filter is that placing it correctly can be a bit tricky
easy to replace filter. Make sure the bent circle goes against the tube.
maggie says :

re : For bigger gold fishes, this filter would work great, but definitely not small fishes
any healthy fish should not have issue with this filter
Alyssa Bianca Jose says :

yeah, its right
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