Digitel and Sun Cellular Postpaid Internet
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  • Though, our expected connection rate of at least 80% of their promised rate is quite lower, we did not saw any problem at first
  • I am very disappointed with Digitel's service

    • by Mafin

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      Our office have listed with Digitel and Sun Cellular Postpaid Internet up to 3MB/s with WIFI almost a year ago. On its first month, we did not have any problems with our internet connection. Though, our expected connection rate of at least 80% of their promised rate is quite lower, we did not saw any problem at first. We do not have any problems downloading some movies and checking our work and personal emails. Given our 3-computer network which includes 5 laptops connecting at most, we do not expect the promised 3MB because we know that that large network affects the bandwidth.

      However, past our first month of subscription, we have experienced no internet connection for days and then for a week! We keep calling Digitel Customer Service and even its local office in our area but

      they keep telling us the same answers: They have problems with their network and internet connection will resume at least in the next 24 hours. We keep having the same problems and every time we call the Customer Service, they have the same answers for us. It also meant that we have to forego connections in our other computers and limited WIFI connection to 1 laptop. Still, our single office computer can hardly connect. We won’t have any internet connections for days and that also meant unchecked emails for days. We’re a service-oriented office and we boast efficient service but because of Digitel’s inefficient service, we started having problems in replying to important emails.

      Out of despair and desire to have the problem fixed faster, we even went as far as invoking the contract clause wherein we ...

      • are allowed to terminate our subscription under two years if Digitel fails to deliver 80% of their promised internet speed. True enough, technicians would rush to our office every time we invoke that part of the contract. It helped in the first few hours since the connection would return (though still slow). Though, we wonder, what they are actually doing when they fix things since we were assigned a static IP and how is it possible that we have problems connecting? Have they assigned the same IP to others, as well? After a day or so of whatever the technicians have done to our connection, there will be no connection again. It’s been three months and after being transferred to a satellite office, no calls have been made to Digitel about our continuing problem. I was
        doing the calls then and was very persistent in pointing out the problems to them.

        I am very disappointed with Digitel’s service. As someone who has a background in networking, I fully understand their problems with their network. It happens. But, it should not happen everyday. So, I know that the problem might me that they are offering services to customers but it is actually beyond their network’s capacity. Their network is too weak to handle internet connection.

        Digitel should stop making excuses and sincerely fix the problem by strengthening their network to provide consistent internet connection to their customers. We are paying PhP 1,200/month. We pay that regularly and without fail and it is unfair that we are greatly shortchanged because Digitel chose to make excuses instead of giving us the service we pay for montly.

    Azriel says :

    Since you used and have signed up for a business plan with the Telco, I think it was just appropriate that you inform them and possibly give them a sanction for your business was disrupted and by this, your company could have lost a lot of money by their lack of service. It is about time that these Telcos know that they should be committed to the services they would provide. I think you can also ask them for a refund of the number of days where you do not have any service it would probably go down to a negative balance in your account if this would be applied.

    bernie sapurco says :

    re : I am very disappointed with Digitel’s service

    I would like to inform to the management of Digitel co. i was amaze because the Sangguniang Barangay of Barangay 7, Daet, Camarines Norte inform me that the Barangay recieved almost three (3) billings from your respective office from July to September 2015.and c/o to my name.

    Since last December 1, 2013 i was step down or no longer as Barangay Captain or Punong Barangay due to Barangay election but along with this on October 5, 2015, I personally appeared to the address stated to the notice, to inquire about that bills but according to the guard on the said offices the previous office of the Digitel main office is almost two years vacant and I am trying to call the telephone number the operator has no knowledge about my inquiry to inform that I am a no longer Barangay Captain on the said Barangay

    hoping my apeal will be considered

    thank you very much.


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