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  • I was so pleased with the last blender, I decided to get the next generation Ninja Professional blender
  • This is definitely loud, but I don't have to worry about that
  • As for vegetables, this really isn't much of a problem
  • In my opinion, the construction is healthier
  • This blender is just running so smoothly and takes all the necessary precautions to deliver a good experience

    • by MisterTickle


      I got the Ninja Professional blender after my Ninja Master was broken by a friend. I was so pleased with the last blender, I decided to get the next generation Ninja Professional blender. In total, there are four different parts. There is the lid, the pitcher, the blades, and the actual base. The blades is just the same as before. There are six blades distributed evenly across “rod”. This will allow multilevel chopping and grinding and speed up the work.

      For starters, there really isn’t a lot of big improvements. Instead, there is a whole bunch of small improvements. For starters, it has a 1000 Watt power motor for insanely fast usage. This is definitely loud, but I don’t have to worry about that. When I use this blender, I can shred everything in under ten seconds so it really isn’t that big of a deal to cover up my ears. This isn’t like any other blender where crushing ice takes you ages. With some other blenders, I have to keep scooping and moving the ice around and then continue crushing them because they end up sticking away

      from the blades. This isn’t the case with this blender. Since there are several blades, ice cubes are bound to hit at least one of them. When they do hit, they will bounce away and then hit another blade. This sure beats having the blades at the bottom of the blender. As for vegetables, this really isn’t much of a problem. For example, when I put carrots and celery in the blender, I was able to get them fully sliced as well. They don’t stick to the sides of the container.

      The Ninja Professional also has a different construction. In my opinion, the construction is healthier. The pitcher is now made of BPA free plastic. BPA is a substance found in most plastic materials. It helps plastics stay durable and prevents them from bending out of shape. The side effect is that they are not the greatest for health in the long term exposure. I am definitely glad to see that they decided to change up the materials into something much healthier. Don’t worry, Ninja Kitchen did not sacrifice any product features or durability when substituting to ...

      • a different construction. For me, I still find the blender well built and extremely durable. There is definitely nothing wrong with the materials used.

        I also noticed that this blender has a lot of safety features. For example, overfilling the blender is not an option. If you accidentally over fill the blender, the blender will not turn on. This is actually a very good feature because I don’t have to worry about the after effect. In case I do overfill it, I don’t have to worry about the ingredients spraying everywhere and leaking out on the sides. Also, this blender comes with a thermal protection and lid protection option. The first time I used it, it didn’t turn on. After reading the manual, it turns out that this blender will not operate if the lid is not fully in place. This blender is very picky, in a good way of course. With any other blender, I would be cleaning up the mess on the floor by now. This is not the case with this blender. This blender is just running so smoothly and takes all the necessary

        precautions to deliver a good experience. I also found that there is a thermal protection option. I’m not quite sure how that works because it did not occur to me. I’m also glad that it did not because that would be unpleasant having to wait it out.

        One thing I don’t like is the cord. The two feet cord doesn’t exactly easily wrap around the blender. Too bad there isn’t a holder or something for me to wrap the cord around. When I store it on the counter, the cord is just lying behind the blender in a unorganized shape and just takes up space. This is probably one thing that I do not like about this blender. Other than that, the I am totally satisfied with it. The performance is just amazing. Hopefully they can come up with some kind of quiet operation technology so it wouldn’t be so loud. As for me, I did not encounter anything that this blender has trouble shredding. For me, everything worked so far. I mainly just make smoothies and veggie shakes. Sometimes I would make slushies with fruit juices and ice.

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