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  • However if you can hold on to hope you can bounce back to succeed

    • by sadonna
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      The Pursuit of Happyness is a movie that stars Will Smith as Chris Gardner. Chris sells bone density scanner machines and is struggling to sell enough to make ends meet for his family.

      He meets a stock broker and learns about an intern program

      that starts his journey down the road to pursue happiness.

      He works hard to get an internship at Dean Witter Stock Brokerage Firm.

      When his wife leaves him and his five year old son to go to New York.

      After successfully landing the internship ...

      • he finds himself homeless, living on the streets, in subway bathrooms and homeless shelters with his son, while trying to make ends meet.

        Struggling to get a full time position and a better life for him and his son.

        This movie was based on

        a true story.

        It demonstrates that with determination anyone can succeed.

        It offers a glimpse into how easy it is to loose everything in your life that ever matters to you.

        However if you can hold on to hope you can bounce back to succeed.

    Violet says :

    The film title is misspelled in the review title. Why did the author of this review enjoy this film? What was his or her favorite scene and why? Who else starred in the film?
    Nitesh Mainaly says :

    It seems like the author of the review enjoyed the movie because of the lesson that it gives: with determination, anything is possible. The reviewer also does not share his/her favorite scene. Other cast members: Jaden Smith (Christopher), Thandie Newton (Linda), and Brian Howe (Jay Twistle).
    Jennifer Davis says :

    Hi Violet, I want to point out that actually the reviewer did not misspell it. In the movie the spelling of the word happiness in the name of the Daycare the characters’ son went too was spelt with a “y” instead of an “I”. It was supposed to bring poignancy and emotion to the title in an effort to better connect the title and the movie. The movie title in the review is correct.
    Donovan says :

    I find the review as a pretty good summary and isnt too revealing so as to ruin the movie for anyone who hasnt watched it yet still gives out the gist of the movie so Thumbs up.
    Grecy says :

    Happyness, is that really the spelling? The trailer got me that is why I watched this. I want movie that will move the viewers, that they will realized something in the end.I want a lesson in every movie i watch and i find it in here. The lesson I learned is, do not get discourage with life and life has something more to offer, you just need to chase it. I want to congratulate Will Smith for his outstanding acting in this film. He looked different and he look like he is born to be a great actor. The ending is superb. It does not have to have a dialogue, or some thing to explain it, it is just it. The perfect ending for a movie.
    pam says :

    Yes it is indeed happYness. I believe this was to emphasize happiness is not only on a surface level, but the essence is really being as a whole, happy. And yes Will Smith was truly great here, he has probably captured and touched a lot of hearts.
    john says :

    can you please give the director, exposition, rising action, climax, denovement, and resolution thank you very much
    toniox says :

    who are the characters and its part in the movie
    itsmemadie01 says :

    Will Smith as Chris Gardner
    Jaden Smith as Christopher Gardner Jr.
    Thandie Newton as Linda Gardner
    Brian Howe as Jay
    Dan Castellaneta as Alan Frakesh
    James Karen as Martin Frohm
    Kurt Fuller as Walter Ribbon
    Takayo Fischer as Mrs. Chu
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